The Girl Next Door

Theo James falls for the new girl Shai.
Fan fiction for Theo James and Shailene Woodley.


1. The new girl next door

Chapter 1

Theo walks into the cafe on the corner of Hazel Street. He orders his usual large coffee and sits at a table, staring longingly out the window. He takes sips of his coffee, then places it on the hard wooden table.

Amanda, a waitress and a friend of Theo, sat down on the plush seat across from Theo.

"What's on your mind?" Says Amanda.

"Oh, nothing. Just... Thinking."

"I know that look. It's your 'I'm thinking about someone' look. Who is she?" Amanda teases. Theo doesn't answer. "Oh, come on Theo, I have been your friend for as long as I can remember." Theo smiles.

"I'm just afraid you are going to be jealous because I like someone, that's not you," says Theo. He takes a drink of his coffee.

"I promise I will try to tame myself." Amanda jokes, rolling her eyes.

"Okay, her name is Shailene, she just moved In next door." Theo looks at his hands, then glances at Amanda, who is running her fingers through her hazel hair, flattening all the loose strands.

"So what is she like?" Asks Amanda.

"She's beautiful, funny, she goes to collage." Theo said. "I invited her over to dinner." Theo looks at his watch, which reads 6:00 p.m.

"Well, I have got to go. I'm sure your boss needs you in the kitchen anyways." Theo gets up and grabs his coffee.

"What kitchen? All we make here is coffee,"

Theo laughs, and sighs. "Yeah, I guess. Anyways, I have to go. You know, get ready for dinner."

+ + +

"Is this all?" Asks the cashier, eyeing the pile of 5 packages of bread, butter, cheese, a bouquet of beautiful flowers, a 10 pack of candles, microwaveable vegetables, 3 package of steaks, a white table cloth, and 2 bottles of wine.

"Yeah, uh, work party." Theo lied. The cashier rings everything up.

"Your total will be..." Says the cashier, "35.94" Theo looks at the cashier. "Oh, do you have your rewards card?" Says the cashier, suddenly remembering.

"Uh, no, sorry." He hands her the money and takes his bags.

"Keep the change."

He starts cooking the steak right away. He puts the vegetables In the microwave, and butters the bread. He sprinkles cheese on the slices of bread and places them in the oven on a metal plate. He sets the table and pours the wine in the wine glasses.

He looks at the clock. Shailene is coming at 8:00. It's 7:46. Crap! Theo thinks. The steaks won't be ready in time.

The microwave beeps and he puts the vegetables on the plates. Five more minutes now.

It's okay, he thinks. She won't care, will she?

The clock ticks near 8. Soon enough, Theo hears a knock on his door. His heart beats fast as he opens the door.

"Hi," she smiles, her white teeth glowing. She looks beautiful, wearing a dark purple dress with black boots and a white jacket.

"Hey," says Theo. "You look nice."

She blushes and walks inside. She looks around, and tells him his house was beautiful.

"It's basically a basement. There is only one bedroom, and bathroom. The only things that make this a house is the living room, kitchen, and it's above ground."

Shailene laughs. "Something smells good." Theo leads her into the kitchen where she takes a seat at the table.

"Fancy. Are you Italian?" She says Looking at the wine, bread,vegetables, and candles.

"Nah, my grandma is rich. This is all I inherited from her."

Theo sits at the other end of the small wooden table. "Steak will be ready in about 5 minutes."

"Hey, Shailene-,"

"Call me Shai."

"Okay, Shai, I know we just met, but I need to tell you something."

"Okay, shoot."

Theo sighs. "I think that your beautiful. Humans shouldn't deny something beautiful."

Theo wondered why Shai was so silent. Does she not like me?

Shai looks at him.

I shouldn't have said it.

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