One Love One Heart

Molly, Liv, Sarah, Katy and Gemma have bumped into 5 guys on the internet who seem to be very interested in them they have been chatting for weeks but it turns out to be the whole band members of One Direction.


1. Love At First Type

It all started when Liv, Sarah, Molly, Katy and Gemma started an website called Love at first type they went on it all day every day talking to the same boys. And one day Molly went home and was chatting to the boy that she was talking to him for 2-3 hours a day. It was one day she went home and found out something shocking she couldn't belive her eyes When she read the massage.

LT: "Hi"

Mollypop: "Hi"

LT: "How are you?"

Mollypop: "Fine thanks"

LT: "I have something very important to tell you and do you promise you wont tell anyone"

Mollypop: "Yeah, I promise, what is it?"

LT: "Well you know how my name on this is LT"

Mollypop: "yeah"

LT: "Well it kind of stands for Louis Tomlinson"

Mollypop: "What are you trying to say?"

LT: "Well I am Louis Tomlinson"

Mollypop: "Are you kidding?"

LT: "No if you don't believe me I'll video call you to prove it"

Mollypop: "Ok then vide call me"

LT: "Ok"


She video called him it turned out to be the real Louis Tomlinson so she messaged Liv,Sarah, Katy and Gemma to check the initials of the person they were talking to and it turned out Sarah was talking to Niall Horan, Liv was talking to Liam Payne, Katy was talking to Zayn Malik and Gemma was talking to Harry Styles.


The next day they all agreed to meet up at the Splish Splash water park at 1:30 at the entrance so the girls got there on time and there they of the boys. It was true they were truly who they said that they were.


After about 3 months of getting together to go out somewhere the girls and guys started dating Molly went out with Louis Tomlinson, Sarah went out with Niall Horan, Liv went out with Liam, Katy went out with Zayn Malik and Gemma went out with Harry Styles. They always went bowling, to the movies, swimming they even after about 3 years of being friend they all started to go to Spain.

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