Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


20. The second task

Fred woke up the day after Yule Ball and went for a long shower. He stood under the hot water and sobbed once again. He had hardly slept and had pretended he was asleep when George had gotten in that night. George had great news which must have been that he and Angelina kissed and they would be together forever and he would be forever alone. Fred ran his hands through his long ginger hair as he washed it. He was entranced into his own pit of misery. When he had finished his shower he went back to the dormitory. It was still early and everyone had gotten back late. Fred was pulling his shirt over his head as he spotted the black lake. It was where he always went to think. If he was trying to come up with a new Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes product. Fred grabbed his coat and set off to the black lake. The snow was deep and the edge of the lake was frozen. It looked magic and a perfect place to tell the girl you loved just how much you loved her. This image caused Fred to break down. That is until he saw Viktor Krum the Bulgarian bon bon jogging past. Viktor gave him an odd look and this made Fred snap. Fred was glowing where he was exuding overpowering magic. He jumped up as Viktor passed him and punched in square in the jaw. The extra magic he was projecting into the surrounding air caused Viktor to fly 10 metres away. Fred stared at his now shaking fist and back to Krum. Krum got up and shook the snow off of himself. He glared at Fred "What matter with you?" "Whats the matter? YOU! You stole Hermione from me. Thats what the matter with me is! Stay away from her."shouted Fred. Krum didn't care what anyone said he was having Hermione as long as she would have him. He bolted towards Fred. Fred began to ran towards the school and made it to the doors of the great hall before Krum caught up to him. Fred stopped just inside of the great hall doors. He looked to the Gryffindor table and saw Hermione, George, Angelina, Harry, Ron and Lee Jordan sat there. He began to walk over to them as Krum leapt through the doors and grabbed the back of his coat. They landed on the floor and began to scrap. "She's mine you ginger monster" "She only went out with you cause you're famous! you are so thick". Lots of insults were thrown as Durmstrang students and Hogwarts students got involved. Fred and Krum were pulled off each other. Viktor was taken back to the Durmstrang dormitory and seen to by the healer they brought with them. Fred was taken to the hospital wing by George and Lee. They had told everyone else to relax and go back to their breakfast. When they got to the hospital wing Madam Pomfrey had already heard about what had happened. "Mr Weasley why on earth were you fighting Viktor Krum?" asked Madam Pomfrey as she had him placed on a bed. Fred was made to strip to his boxers and the Durmstrang students had gotten in a few good kicks and a couple of harming spells before they were pulled apart. He sat on the bed with Madam Pomfrey tending to him when George spoke up "I have great news for you mate" "Please Georgie I don't wanna hear how amazing last night was with Angelina" Fred had a sad expression on his face. "Freddie turn that frown upside down. She likes you. She was crying on the stairs last night as me and Angelina left the hall. She told me that she went with the wrong dude and why hadn't you asked her before that prat Krum did." George told Fred and Lee. "I have to go find her" Fred tried to get up. "NO mr Weasley you are to stay here until those injuries heal. You are also in just your pants. You don't want to run around the school in those do you?" Madam Pomfrey said as she finished applying ointment on to the dark magic scars. Durmstrang did always have a bad rep for learning dark magic. "If you want Fred I could go get her" said George. Fred simply nodded and then smiled a smile so wide it nearly touched his ears. 

It was afternoon by the time Hermione had gone to see Fred. He was asleep when she got there. he was on top of the blankets still in his pants. She saw the dark magic scars on his legs and traced them with her fingers. "Oi oi shouldn't I be awake if you're doing that" Fred's voice broke the silence and brought Hermione back to reality. "I'm sorry maybe I should go." Hermione said as she lifted herself from the seat. "No please Hermione. Don't go. There is something I have to tell you. I was fighting Krum for you" "Yer I kind of guessed that. You were right by the way I did go to the ball with the wrong person. I should have gone with Ron" Hermione giggled at his face "Hahaha I'm joking. I should have gone with you. You would protect me and look after me" She looked down into her lap. "What did he do? Did he try anything because I will kill him is he hurt you?" said Fred fists clenched and magic once again displacing the air around him due to the sheer power he had. "No he just wanted to kiss me a little too much. He is a nice person though." said Hermione "Look Fred I like you and I want to give us a go but no one can know only George and Angelina ok. Definitely not Ron" Fred agreed and kissed Hermione's hand. He sat up and held her for a few minutes. He wanted to stay like that forever and so did Hermione. Madam Pomfrey then came over and told them they could go. Fred finally put his clothes on but not before Hermione caught a glimpse of a long scar that started at the bottom of his shoulder and went diagonally across his back. He caught her looking at it "Bad accident with some of the products. Don't worry though it doesn't hurt. You have to admit it makes me look manly and brave" he chuckled to himself. 

They walked back to the common room holding hands as no one was around but when they got to the portrait hole they let go and gave each other a quick kiss on the cheek. The fat lady opened and they walked in. Fred gave a bow as the Gryffindors cheered him. "So you are alive then? Why were you even fighting Krum anyways?" asked Ron as he patted his brother on the back. Hermione saw Fred wince slightly and knew that the scar on his back must hurt him more than he lets on. "Oh I was being a dick to him as he ran past me and he just turned on me" answered Fred. George gave him a look and then looked at Hermione. Finally he thought. Everyone sat around Fred as he showed them the scars he had on his lower legs and arms. People started to drain out of the common room and into their dormitories. Hermione said good night and got up to go to bed. Fred got up and did the same. Everyone who was left in the common room went back to the exploding snaps game and didn't see Fred pull Hermione into the boys stairwell. "I love you Hermione Granger" Fred whispered into her ear and kissed her on the cheek. He bounced up the stairs and Hermione went up the girls stairs. 

2 months had pasted since the Yule ball and the fight. Hermione and Fred would share looks and mouth things to each other, but they hadn't got the chance to talk since the hospital. Hermione, Ron and Harry were sat in the library working on preparing Harry for the second task. Fred and George were near by researching spells and potions for their new line of products, when Moody went up to them and lead Hermione and Ron away. Fred and George looked at each other and went back to their writing. They were writing on a big bit of parchment. They were able to both write at the same time as George was right handed and Fred was left handed. Harry and Neville walked past talking rather animately at such a late time. As George looked at the time he said "Oh Freddie I reckon we should go get some sleep mate. The second tasks tomorrow and I wanna be there early so we can get more bets going." Fred and George cleared up their things and went to the common room. They sat with Harry and Neville "Hey what did Moody want with Ron an Hermione" asked Fred. "umm something about Mcgonagoll wanting to see them" replied Harry. Fred and George looked at each other but decided it must have something to do with helping Harry. They marched harry to bed and said "come on we needed you to win tomorrow so we get more money." in perfect unison.

The next morning everyone woke up promptly and ate breakfast. The champions were taken to the lake first and then all the spectators followed. When everyone was there Dumbledore began to explain what the champions had to do in this task. "Last night something was taken from each of the champions. They must go into the black lake and retrieve it. If in one hour they haven't got the treasure it shall forever remain down there." As Dumbledore spoke Fred looked around expecting to see Hermione and Ron preparing Harry, but they were no where. "NO! Hermione and Ron they are in the lake." Fred cried at George. The cannon sounded and in the champions went. Fred ran down to the bottom level and decide that if Krum came up without Hermione he was going to in and find her. 

After around 15 minutes Fleur resurfaced but was alone. She was crying to herself and was pulled out of the water by her friends. Some time went by were all that could be heard were Fleur's sobs. Suddenly Cedric appeared from the darkness with Cho chang next to him. Everyone cheered and clapped. Fred began to take his hat and coat off, getting ready to dive in should he need to. He was taking off his shoes as a sharks head popped up, it returned quickly to krums normal face and showed Hermione was with him. Fred let out a breath he had unknowingly been holding in since Krum had come up. He held his hand out to Hermione. She took it and allowed him to pull her up onto the hard wood. He was handed towels and wrapped them around her. He held her tight and glared at Krum when he tried to pull her away. Fred didn't care what happened now even if it was his brother still down there. He had her. He had Hermione. As the minutes counted down two people came into view floating up. It was Ron and Fleurs sister. They were helped out of the water and asked where Harry was. "I don't know" was all the freezing cold Ron could say. Harry flew onto the deck and the Hogwarts students even Slytherin's cheered. Everyone was taken back to shore and celebrates were to occur once again. As Hermione walked into the girls dormitory she felt a hand on the small of her back. She went into the room and saw Fred hovering just above the steps. He went into the room and shut the door behind him. "I was so scared Hermione. Please never let me be that scared for you again." as he talked he pulled Hermione into a hug. She looked up into his caring eyes and kissed him. As they kissed a golden aura shone around them. They were lifted into the air. When they pulled apart they asked at the same time "Was that you?" they chuckled and Hermione told him to leave so she could get changed.   


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