Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


10. The Quidditch World cup

On the morning of the Quidditch World cup, Hermione woke up early and got dressed. When she went downstairs she was immediately intercepted by Mrs Weasley "Oh Hermione could you go and get Ronald and Harry up. If they don't wake up soon you will never make it in time." Hermione nodded and turned back around and walked straight into George. He gave me a cheeky wink and let me pass him. 

I went up the stairs to the attic and saw Harry writhing in pain, I shook him awake and his panicked look disappeared. I turned around and tried to wake Ron. He grumbled something about getting up so I left to go downstairs. We walked through the woods until Cedric Diggory jumped out of a tree. He always did look good but he was even better looking today. Me and Ginny looked at each other and then back at him. After greetings were exchanged we carried on until we got to the top of a hill with a old boot sat there. "What's that?" Harry asked. "Its a portkey" said Fred. I had read about portkey's and knew that they were not the most comfortable way of travelling but one of the quickest. They all grabbed the boot and were suddenly flying through the air and swirling around. As quick as it had started it stopped. Everyone but Mr Weasley, Mr Diggory and Cedric had landed on the hard ground. We got up and dusted ourselves off. As we approached the camp site our mouths fell open in awe. I can't believe that just 4 years ago I had no idea about any of this world. 

The boys got very into the Quidditch unsuprisingly but so did me and Ginny. We were all supporting the Irish even though Viktor Krum was on the bulgarian team. He was gorgeous and incredibly handsome. When the Irish won the Weasleys roared almost as loud as the rest of the stadium. 

Ginny and Hermione were talking about the handsome players they saw today, mainly about Viktor Krum. They could both appreciate his looks but decide he wasn't their type. Ginny decided her type was black messy hair, glasses and average height. Hermione said her type was tall, light skinned, ginger hair and funny. Ginny giggled and said "well you just described every one of my brothers so take you pick". Suddenly they heard screaming coming from outside. They all ran out and saw Death Eaters moving through the camp site setting tents on fire and shooting hexes at people. "Run. Fred, George Ginny is your responsibility now" Shouted Mr Weasley as he ran to help the other ministry officals. The kids ran in the opposite direction and soon had split into two groups on with Fred, George and Ginny and the other was Harry, Ron and Hermione. Ron and Hermione started to chase after the others but Harry was lagging behind. The groups came back together as they went into the tree line and hide behind the safety of the ministry line. Hermione looked around and realised Harry wasn't with them. She looked around the crowds trying to find him. "Where's Harry? I can't see him." said Hermione with a panicky voice. The others looked round. "I have to go find him" replied Ginny as she started back towards the camp site. "No, Dad told us to keep you save and that's what we are going to do." said Fred grabbing her wrist. "Me and Ron will go" compromised Hermione. She walked quickly towards the camp site. As Ron began to follow her Fred caught up to him and said "Look after her and if anything happens you come straight back here". For once Ron didn't argue with his brother and tell him his can think for himself, he simply nodded and ran to Hermione. 

After they had found Harry they looked up at the sky and saw the Dark Mark.  Suddenly they were surrounded and spells were being fired at them. They huddled together on the ground and heard Mr Weasley shouting "STOP, that's my son". Once everything was explained to Barty Crouch they were allowed to leave. Meeting up again with Fred, George and Ginny everyone hugged and George asked "What the hell happened?" "Death Eaters started to attack everyone. One of them made the Dark Mark in the sky. Harry saw him. Did you say you recognised him Harry?" Mr Weasley quickly filled everyone in and turned to Harry. "Yer this morning I dreamt of this old house and Wormtail was there and Voldem- I mean he-who-must-not-be-named and this other man. They killed an old caretaker and then I woke up, my scar was burning." Harry spoke in a hushed tone and tried not to be overheard by people nearby. "Ok well I think we should all go back to the burrow right now. We have to walk outside of the protective barriers and then I can apparate us all there." Mr Weasley informed the kids and started to walk further into the trees. Ginny and Hermione followed huddled together and hold each others hand. Fred and George stood either side of them with their hands still out. Harry and Ron were only inches behind and weren't lagging behind like on the walk there. Everyone acted differently on the walk away from the Quidditch World cup compared to on the way there. Hermione and Ginny weren't talking about the cutest boys any more they stayed quiet and when they did say something to the other it was in whispers. "You know Fred told Ron to look after you when you went back to find Harry. He's so caring like that and they haven't took their eyes off of us since we started walking. Its nice to know they are so protective even if they do get on my nerves" Ginny said to Hermione with a slight smile on her face. "This is the start isn't it. The start of something terrible" replied Hermione. She had spoken louder than anticipated and was heard by Fred and George. "Don't worry Hermione, your like our second little sister. We will always protect you." said George just loud enough for the girls to hear. 

When they got to the protective barriers they all stood for a second and got into an line with Mr Weasley in the middle, Ginny on one side and Hermione on the other. Ron and Harry were next and on the ends were the twins, who had agreed it was best for Ron and Harry to be closer to Mr Weasley. Everyone took a few steps forward and over the protective barriers. Mr Weasley apparated and they all felt as though they had been sucked up through a straw. It was Ron, Ginny and Harry's first time apparating. They didn't take it as well as Hermione did and consequently vomited. They all stared at the burrow and began to run towards it safety and comfort. Mrs Weasley opened the kitchen door and ran towards them all. Ginny got to her first and was hugged tightly to her mothers chest. As her sons approached they all just hugged her and were in a big red headed hug. Hermione and Harry stood awkwardly to the side until Mrs Weasley said "Come on you two get in here as well. You will always be my family." They stood hugging for a few minutes and then went inside. 

Everyone slept together in the living room not wanting to be separated from their family. Finally only Hermione, Fred and Harry were awake. "I know you like my little sister Harry, and me and Georgie are ok with it but I wouldn't tell Ron yet. You will look after her so well that I give you my big brother blessing to go out with her." Fred said as he looked at Harry stroking Ginny's hair. "Please don't tell her I don't think I am ready for her to know just yet." replied Harry in a worried tone "What if she doesn't like me in that way and what if she doesn't want to be with someone who almost dies all the time. I can't wait for this Hogwarts year to start its about time we had a normal straight forward year." Harry finished and pulled the blanket further around him. "Don't worry Harry, your her type we were talking about it right before the death eaters attacked. She actually made a really funny joke just before we heard the screams." Hermione interjected, as she couldn't have Harry doubting himself. "Oh really Hermione and what is your type may I ask?" Fred said with a cheeky grin on his face. "Oh is that the time. We better get to sleep goodnight" replied Hermione her face going a brighter red than Fred's hair. They all went to sleep and woke the next day in a odd mish mash of positions. Legs and arms were everywhere and some people were tangled around others. 


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