Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


12. The Hogwarts Express

The next morning everyone awoke early. Final preparations were happening for the journey to Hogwarts. Mrs Weasley, Hermione and Ginny were on Kitchen duting they were making breakfast for everyone and then sandwiches for the train journey. Charlie, Fred and George were putting everything in the car. Mrs Weasley didn't know but Mr Weasley had put  an undetectable extension charm on the car so everything and everyone can fit in. Ron, Harry and Mr Weasley were making sure nothing was left behind and that all the animals were prepared to travel. 

When everyone was ready they piled into the car. Charlie got into the car first followed by Fred, George, Hermione, Ron and then Harry. Ginny sat in the front seat with her mum and dad. They were driving by road now as Mr Weasley wasn't allowed to turn yet another car into a flying one. The journey was long and already tiring. All the kids and Charlie in the back were sat on each other and complaining about being uncomfortable. The car rolled into a space outside of Kings Cross station and the back doors swung open as they all fell out of the car. 

"Would you lot HURRY UP! Every year we do this so come on." Mrs Weasley wailed at the hoard of kids surrounding her. They hurtled towards the wall between platforms 9 and 10 and were soon staring at the bright red engine of the Hogwarts Express. All the trunks and cages were passed down a line of ginger haired children and Harry and Hermione. When all the trunks and cages were on the train it was time to say goodbye. "Oh goodbye my darlings I expect you all to come home at christmas and don't get into too much trouble, I'm talking to you George and you Fred. Now be quick." said Mrs Weasley as she hugged each one of them. Charlie grabbed Hermiones wrist and pulled her aside. He whispered something in her ear and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She blushed and kissed him back. She stepped on the train so she didn't see Ron and Fred giving Charlie an unmistakable look of fury and anger. Harry, Ron and Hermione found an empty compartment as Fred and George sped off to find their friends as did Ginny. 

Mrs Weasley's POV:

What on earth was that? I mean Charlie is 5 years older than her even if she does look about the same age. It would be nice for him to have someone ever since he left Hogwarts 2 years ago he has been lonely, but the look that Fred and Ron gave him shows Hermione is appreciated by more than one of my sons. The question is which shall she choose, if she even wants one of them. "Charlie what was that?" asked Mrs Weasley as the train turned the corner out of sight. "What do you mean mum? Shall we get moving I had to go back to Romania soon?" replied Charlie who quickly tried to change the subject. "You kissed Hermione and what do you say to her? She is fragile and doesn't need you crushing her heart and before you say anything I know you are a lady's man. Besides can't you see your brothers may also like her!" Mrs Weasley ranted at him as they walked through Kings Cross station back to the car. "Did you ever think that I might like her too and why should Ronikins get her instead of me? Even though its none of your business I told her that I would write to her and see her again at Christmas." Charlie was trying to down play the fact that he had kissed Hermione. "Charlie, Ron isn't the only one who likes her, so does Fred and you don't need Hermione you could have any girl you want for christ sake you're a dragon keeper in Romania. Please tell me you wont take this any further and apologise to your brothers" Mrs Weasley said and made Charlie promise her before letting him get in the car. 

Hermione's POV: 

As we were saying goodbye Charlie pulled me to one side. He whispered to me "I promise to write to you, just please write me back" and then he kissed my cheek. I can't believe he did that so I kissed him back. When I got on the train I noticed how odd Ron was being. We talked about everything that's happened on the train. When they started to talk about Harry's dream and what happened at the Quidditch World cup I suggested he tells my dad, he would know what to do. Harry wrote him a note and sent Hedwig off. Ginny reappeared in their compartment after a few hours. Ron and Harry were both asleep when Ginny came in. "What was all that at the train station with Charlie?" asked Ginny. "He said he would write to me and wants me to write back and that he knows his brothers like me so making them jealous really makes him happy." Hermione replied whilst flicking through a book about magical history. "Oh really, well did he say who he knew liked you." Ginny said as quietly as she could. "No he wouldn't tell me but said he might tell me if I write to him. I think he gets lonely in Romania and I want to get to know him. After all he could be my brother in law one day." Hermione giggled. The rest of the journey was uneventful until they approached Hogwarts. In the sky they could see a little blue carriage with 12 white winged horses. It was incredible and everyone pondered who must be in the carriage and why they were coming to Hogwarts. 

The train pulled into Hogsmeade station and they all started to get off. They heard the usual cry of "Firs' years" from Hagrid and waved to him "Hello Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny I'll see you later" they smiled back happy to see his big bushy face and called over the noise "See you Hagrid". They went up to the carriages and stepped up. Neville and Luna joined them and they shared stories about their summer. "I'm so glad we are back, but I wonder what that carriage was for" said Luna. Everyone else agreed and were excited to see what wise words Dumbledore was going to share with them this year.        

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