Finding myself: Hermione

I always believed I was muggleborn. That was until someone I never knew stepped into my life. Now I am completely different, I'm learning about my new family and I'm finding true love.


11. Preparing for another year at Hogwarts

"Come on kids we need to go to Diagon Alley now otherwise you won't have time to pack" shouted Mrs Weasley. Earlier that morning their Hogwarts letters had arrived stating what they needed for school. She had already located Fred and Georges old Year 4 books and had given one set to Ron and let Hermione and Harry decide who would have the other. The books were falling to pieces probably where the older boys had had them or where Fred and George had used them to hit each other. Never the less Hermione decided to buy herself new books as she always loved the smell and feel. Harry was happy with his books and knew that it mean't he wouldn't have to go to Florish and Blotts and could therefore spend more time in the Quality Quidditch supplies shop. Ginny was offered Ron's, Harry's or Hermione's books from the previous year as the book list hadn't changed. She chose Hermione's as these had the most notes in so she would find it easier to write essays and do homework. 

When they arrived at Diagon Alley Mrs Weasley directed them straight to Gringotts Bank. Hermione was now allowed to use the Black vault as it was confirmed she was a Black. She and Harry got into a cart and went to their vaults. As they went they discussed why they had both been so keen to not go with the Weasleys to their vault. "I know its awful to say but I feel bad whenever we go to the Weasley vault they have so little there and then they see the piles of coins in my own vault. I always want to give them something to say thankyou for all they have done but I know they are to proud to take money." Harry said as he remembered the Weasleys faces as he had gotten money from his vault a few years ago with them. "I have no idea how much or little will be in the Black vault. Dad has been in Azkaban for so long and Regulus died before that. The money will have been sat there without being touched for over a decade and maybe longer." Hermione spoke as they came to a stop deep in the vaults. They stepped off the cart and the goblin took the lamp and went up to a door. It didn't have a number on it just the name of the family who owned it Black. The goblin stroked his nail across the door and it opened to show a vast amount of jewels, coins and trinkets. Hermione stood in awe until the goblin grumbled something about hurrying up as he was very busy today. She bent down and scooped up some coins and left the vault. When her and Harry were finished they met the Weasleys outside of Gringotts and made a plan of action. "Okay first we all need to go to the second hand robe shop to get Fred and Georges robes. Harry, Hermione if you want to you can go to Madam Malkins for your robes. Then we need to go to Potages cauldron shop.  wiseacres wizarding equipment will be next for anything else you need and then apart from anything else you want we will be done." "I'm fine with staying with you and going to the secondhand robe shop Mrs Weasley and if you want Ginny can have my old robes, I can clean them and fix them up." replied Hermione for she didn't mind older robes as long as they fit her. Ginny had already agreed to taking Hermiones old robes as they were like sisters and shared everything. "That's a great idea and if you don't mind Mrs Weasley can I have Fred or Georges old robes, whichever Ron doesn't use so I don't have to get new ones. Also this afternoon can we go into Quality Quidditch supplies before we leave" Harry was looking at Mrs Weasley for her approval after all she was in charge. She nooded and they headed into the robes store and got Fred and George their robes. If Charlie hadn't set fire to his own set so many times they would have been in better condition when Percy got them and one of the twins would have been able to wear them. Unfortunately Charlie liked fire, maybe that's why he is so good with dragons. Once all the shopping had been done they walked along Diagon Alley towards the Leaky Cauldron, where they would be travelling by Floo powder back to the Weasleys. 

The Weasleys, Harry and Hermione all arrived safe and sound back in the burrow fireplace. As they stepped out Mrs Weasley started to bark orders at them before they had time to sit down. Everyone was sent upstairs to their shared rooms to begin the task of packing for Hogwarts, even though they were excited to go back packing took along time and was boring. Hermione and Ginny chatted whilst packing their things in their trunks. "So do you like Harry Ginny or what?" casually asked Hermione who was putting her new robes into the trunk on her bed. Ginny was blushing as she picked up Hermiones old robes from Hermiones bed and was walking to her trunk when she said "Umm what makes you say that?" with a small grin on her face. "Well it's just that when you were describing your type of guy you basically decribed Harry. You think I don't notice you looking at him but I do" Hermione had turned around and was facing Ginny. "Well I do sort of like him but he never really talks to just me and I don't think he likes me. Anyways you described every single one of my brothers." Ginny shot back tried to change the conversation. They both looked at each other and started to giggle little did they know that a similar conversation was taking place in the other bedrooms of the Weasley's house. 

"I told you Ron, just ask her, maybe you could see if she wants to go to Hogsmeade with you." said Harry as he put the final books into his trunk. Ron's things were still strewn around the room and only a few robes and a cauldron were in his trunk. "But what if she says no or that she doesn't like me that way" Ron began to pace the floor and picked up school things and threw them untidily into the trunk on his bed. "RONALD WEASLEY IF YOU DON'T PACK THAT TRUNK PROPERLY RIGHT THIS SECOND YOU WON'T BE GOING" yelled Mrs Weasley she always some how knew when Ron either wasn't packing or wasn't packing properly. He started to pick more things up and placed them gently into the trunk. Harry got up to help him as ron said "I'm not asking her. I mean look at me and look at her she could have anyone she wanted so why would she go out with me. Besides I like Luna too. Maybe I should ask her out. She's nice enough and kind." Ron seemed to be thinking aloud so Harry said nothing.

"I don't know Freddie she could have just been embarrased about talking about things like that with you and Harry. I mean she always talks to Ginny about that sort of thing." George said to Fred. They were sat on their trunks which they had filled with everything they were going to need this year. "But there was something about the look she gave me. I could tell there was more behind it" said Fred. They heard their mother shout at Ron and went downstairs to see if they could upset her further. 

By the time dinner was on the table all the kids had their things ready for school the next day. Charlie had arrived in the afternoon to see his little brothers and sister off to Hogwarts, although he was aware that he would be seeing them again quiet soon. "It looks like you guys have everything ready" He said tipping his head towards the pile of trunks near the door. " Yes it took some of use longer than others" Mrs Weasley glared at Ron "but we are sorted for tomorrow and I'm so glad that you are here Charlie". Charlie smiled at his mother and then looked from his siblings to Harry and Hermione. "Hi Harry and this must be the lovely Hermione Granger. I've heard lots about you" Charlie said to her whilst taking her hand and kissing it. A number of the Weasley boys stared down at their plates out of embarrassment. With that Mr Weasley told everyone to dig in and that when they finished they needed to go to bed straight away as tomorrow was going to be a long day. The Weasley's ate as if they had starved for days. Hermione chuckled as Fred, George and Charlie all had food on their chins. They were messy eaters but she liked that. Ron was sat next to Hermione and was watching her intently as he ate. Soon we will all be together in Hogwarts again he thought and then I can decide if I'm going to ask her out or not.  

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