Amanda was abused and beaten. Her parents drugged her and raped her. She wanted to run. But where?

I know you have probably read stories like this, but I promise this will be interesting.


1. gone & found.

Amanda's POV

I walked the streets of New York till I found the park with the secret diamond mine. Yes, diamond mine. I used to come here with my brother and we would play games and pull the diamonds out out of the walls. We would put them back before we went home. The cave went back about 35 feet before it turned into a pond with koi fish. I came in here a lot so I had carved out a hole in the wall with a hammer and chisel I got for my 10th birthday. I wanted to be a palaeontologist so I wanted them. I carved out a hole big enough fore to hide in if someone came in the mind. If your wondering why I'm here, I'll tell you. I don't trust anyone because everyone who I've trusted has hurt me. 'The devil was once an angel' describes how I feel about everyone. Except God. I trust him. I heard a noise at the mouth of the cave so I climbed in the hole and pulled the large rock in front of the hole. I didn't make a sound.

Zayn's POV

I was walking in New York since we were only on break one month. I found this cave and when I eagled in it turned out to be a diamond mine. Wow! That's something you don't see everyday. I walked back until I saw a koi pond. It was pretty. I stood there but I noticed something to my left. It was a large rock covering what I guessed was a hole. I bent down and moved the rock to reveal a girl. She looked at me like she was scared. I asked her to come with me and she did. I wondered how she got there. Weird.

HEY!!!! Please read my other novellas. One I'm still working so... Ok by?!!!!'

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