Teach Me How To Love

Khloe is a popular student. Dylan is an english teacher. She's 17. He's 24. He likes her. She hates him.
What happens when they discover that they're in an arranged mariage?


2. Chapter Two

"How about you ask me a question and then you describe yourself in three words? Okay let's start with you" He said pointing to Nicole. "How old are you?" She asked. "I'm twenty- four years old." he answered. " Serious, friendly and dancer. " She said after.

Sacha and her little team started to whisper things about the teacher being 24. We went like this for 45 minutes and soon it was Sacha's turn to ask him a question. Only God knows how much I hate her! I mean she’s just so fake, mean and slutty! (sorry if it is your name :/ ) "Are you single?" she said with a flirtatious smile. "Yes... for now."

For now? What does that mean? And why do I care? "Okay the three words that describe me are: huh... sexy, single and amazing" Then she winked at him and I rolled my eyes. After her came Leigh- Anne's turn. "I know it's not a question but I really hope you're funny, 'cause if not, I will hate you." I facepalmed myself and he started to laugh. " Well, I'll try my best." "Okay good, I'm crazy, random and a dancer!" "Oh so we have two dancers! That's great!" "Actually we're three, Khloe is also one and we all are in the same crew." He nodded and since I was the only one who's left, I guess it was my turn. All of my classmates turned around to look at me. I thought for a moment to find a good question to ask him, but nothing came. Gosh! Kill me right now!

Then the bell rang! Thanks God! "Khloe can you stay for a moment please?" Ughh. Why me? WHY?!! " Hum, yeah sure." I said. He waited until we were alone in the classroom and he came closer to me, he then took my right hand in his and kissed it. "What are you doing?" I suttered scared that he might do something to me. He frowned. "Your mom didn't tell you?" "Tell me what?" " Hum, nothing." "Well she just told me that she wanted to talk about something important, but.." "But?" " I didn't let her finish her sentence." "Oh okay. Anyway, you still have to ask me a question." he said with a smirk. "Can I go now?" I smiled chipishly. He sighed. " Okay but the three words first." " Simple, random and dancer." He kissed my cheek and released my hand. I blushed a little and went to my next class, which is french. And I don't really pay attention 'cause I already speak french. During the class I got a text from my mom saying I needed to come home right after lunch. So after my art class, I quickly walked to the cafeteria, ate my lunch with the girls of the dance crew. I told them that Mr. Lockwood just wanted to know the three word that described me the most. Then I skipped the rest of the day.

Went I got home my mom told me to change myself rapidly and to dress fancy. I ran up the stairs to my room, and after an hour I quite looked I think. I walked downstairs, in the kitchen. "Sweetie you look gorgeous! Now take a seat, I have something to tell you." I did as she said and said "Mom you're scaring me right now. What's happening?" " What do you think about marriage?" "Huh, well I want to get married, but not now." " Well too bad 'cause you're in an arranged marriage." "WHAT? WHY? WHAT DID I DO?!" I ask/shout as the doorbell rang. She didn't answered my questions she just said " Ah finally! Come on honey. You're going to meet your soon-to-be husband." She opened the door and there stood....Mr. Lockwood. I was shocked, it was like everything around me was fading away. Why me? Why him?

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