Another Chance...

Melissa (Lissa) Parks thinks that her life couldn't get better, only worse! When she fails her singing exam tog et into a top drama school, it seems life her life is crumbling around her! But what will happen when a strange boy appears at her school and offers her a place in his crazy, weird band!! Will she want another chance?...


1. Chapter 1

I yawn, stretch and rub my eyes. I listen, carefully, waiting for the sound, the sound that will start my day, wake me up.

Beep, beep, beep! I swing my legs out of bed and pad to the bathroom. I grab a cheap, silver hairbrush and pull it through my waist-length black hair. I pull it to the side and tie it with a clear, elastic band. I quickly brush my teeth and wash the sleep out of my grey-green eyes. I walk back to my small bed-room and pull on a white shirt, tie,navy skirt,black tights and a carefully folded blue blazer with the Hartly-Green school badge in one corner. I carefully roll up my selves and pull a black Hollister zip-up over my shoulders. I check my black watch 7:30 it reads. I sigh and pull my floral patterned rucksack over my shoulders. I rush down the stairs and quickly down a glass of orange squash and grab a pano chocolate from the counter.

"Bye mum!" I call as I open the door.

"Bye lovey!"

"Bye-bye Lissa. I believe in you!"

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