My Moonrise Pony

The story is about a girl, that loves to ride and dreams of getting her own horse. When a new horse comes to the barn, Lucy is determined to buy the new horse, Moonrise.


10. Chapter 10

Moonrise walked past it nervously. I went around again and she walked past the gallery fine. I took the leadrope off and got Moonrise to go over into a trot, and then a canter. She cantered around and jumped over the jump that stood in her way. I kept putting the jumps up and Moonrise would just fly over them. I had set it up to 130cm and once she had cleared that, I put the jump away. I walked over and clipped the leadrope onto her headcollar.  I walked up a little path behind the stables to cool her off. Once I got back, I put Moonrise in her stable and groomed her thoroughly. I put her rug on and went out onto the car park to wait for my mom to come and get me.
A few days after and it was Saturday. I had a private lesson with Scarlett. I went down to the barn super early to get Moonrise looking really nice. She was shining clean by the time I went to get her tack. After tacking Moonrise up, I walked her outside into the outdoor school and warmed her up going through walk, trot and canter. I was taking a walking break when Scarlett came.
“Take up your reins and get Moonrise up into trot,” Scarlett said. “Do you want to jump today?”
“Yes!” I replied.
“Keep working with Moonrise, I’m just going to set some jumps up,” Scarlett said.
Once Scarlett had set eight jumps up, she said “Start by coming over that blue crossbar, and then we’ll add more jumps on later on.”
I circled, before turning Moonrise towards the crossbar. I held her back in trot, before one stride before the jump. I let her go, and she flew over the fence.
“Come over the fence again,” said Scarlett. “Remember to keep your heels down, and this time come in a slow canter. Be careful that you aren’t winding Moonrise up too much.”
I came around and jumped the fence again.
“Much better, Lucy,” Scarlett said. “Now jump the blue crossbar, the one you have just jumped, and then circle round and jump that yellow straight. After that, come round and jump the oxer.”
I trotted a circle and asked for canter. I cantered towards the cross bar and then one, two, three, and we were over the jump. I looked round at the yellow straight. I counted in my head one, two, three as Moonrise and I approached the jump. We cleared it, and I turned Moonrise towards the oxer. It wasn’t very big, but it had some fillers under it, which made the jump look bigger than it actually was.
I counted the strides up to the jump. One stride away, I was ready to jump, when Moonrise went to the side and past the jump.
"Right, get her to stop," said Scarlett.
I turned a quick circle and got Moonrise to stop.
"Do you see what you did wrong?" Asked Scarlett. "You need to keep your left leg on, as well as your right rein," Scarlett said without giving me a chance to talk.
"Come again over the same jump, and remember to keep your legs on," Scarlett said.
I squeezed Moonrise and got her to canter slowly. I turned towards the jump, nudging Moonrise with my legs all the time. I counted the strides, three, two, one, and we were over the jump.
"Well done, Lucy," Scarlett said.
I could feel my heart getting warmer. I was never going to say it, but even though Scarlett was only a trainer, I thought of her as a mom. She had helped me so much throughout the time that I've known her, and I was so happy I had met her. She was just the best.


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