My Moonrise Pony

The story is about a girl, that loves to ride and dreams of getting her own horse. When a new horse comes to the barn, Lucy is determined to buy the new horse, Moonrise.


1. Chapter 1

What would it be like to have my own horse? It would be cool. Or even just one to share. I could ride it how I want to; it could be whatever colour I want. RING RING went the bell and I saw up. I had been away again. I quickly packed my stuff up. It was Friday, the week before school stopped for summer. I took my bag and went out the door. I went to the bike shed and got my bike, before cycling home. I dumped my bag, put my jodphurs on, and put my feet into my boots, before cycling to the stables. I lease a chestnut pony called Scooby. He is a stallion but doesn't act like it, and he stands at almost 14hh. I locked my bike and went into the tack room. The tack room is huge because there are also lockers in there for people who lease, like me. So I opened my locker and got my grooming kit and my helmet out. I locked the locker again and went to Scooby's stable. I opened my grooming kit and gave him one of the horse treats I have in there. I then put his head collar on him and took Him out of his stable. I gave Scooby a good groom, before tacking him up.
I led Scooby outside, tightened the girth, and mounted up. I walked him on, and we went to the outdoor school. I worked him through his gaits. He was fresh and lively that day. I thought about taking a couple of jumps, but then decided not to. I was going to jump the next day anyway, because I was in the jumping lesson every Saturday. After riding Scooby, I put him away. I was putting my things in my locker, when my iPhone 4S went off. I picked it up.
"Hey it's Lucy," I said into my phone.
"Hey Lucy, it's Emma," was said in the other end of the phone. "Do you wanna come over? You can say for dinner, if you want,"
"yeah sure," I said, "Are you at the stables?"
"Yeah, I'm at Magic's stable. Are you?" Emma asked.
"I'm coming, see you in a minute," I replied and we stopped the conversation.
I checked that all my things were put away, and then rushed over to Magic's box. Magic is a black gelding. He isn't in the same part of the barn as Scooby is, because Scooby is a stallion and Magic is a gelding.
"Hey Emma," I said and gave her a hug.
"Hi, have you packed all your stuff into your locker so we can go straight away?" Emma asked me.
"Yep," I replied.
"Let's go!"
At Emma's house we sat and talked about what we always do, horses. I had written and told my mom, that I was going to Emma's and would have dinner there, which she was fine about. When dinner was ready, we went into the kitchen to get it, and then went back into Emma's room. While we ate, we sat writing our story. We love writing stories together.
At eight o'clock I went home. My mom wanted to talk to me about getting me a horse. She went on and on and on about how I would stop looking after the horse after a few months and blah blah blah. I didn't bother listening to that crap.


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