seasons we hate

Liam and Louis needed to be outside the spotlight for a while ...
so they disguise as Jim and Leo, what happens when all they wanted is under Jim and Leo's feet?

-Harry, Niall and Zayn are not famous,-


1. Fall

This was when it all started about a year ago, old me thinking he is the best living thing on earth:

Louis paced back and forth like a nervous lab rat, the clock ticked loudly and i let the phone ring and ring; this is a nightmare.

 "do you think Simon is going to get mad? i mean its just a sextape." Louis mumbles. yeah with one of the hottest models, he will kill us from happiness. that is a great way for attention in the media. isn't? our songs are all about tapping an ass, so whats the difference? and like we need the bad boy ticket.

Louis and i are in a duet, we sing a mixture of rap and pop our songs made it to the clubs by storm! they call us "the double L" or as our real duet stage name "kings of sins". 

We used to sing in a club, back in 2009; hoping a day some fucker comes and  makes us stars, yet that never happened. so we looked for agencies for a lifetime and most if not all rejected us.

So we gave up for two years, we didn't talk after it at all; at 2011 i got a call from Louis asking me if i want to get back together and start a youtube channel.

 our first song was the talk of the city, clubs had it playing all fucking night long! next one was even better! a guy named simon has heard of us and he took us in. 

 "He isn't answering, but i do not think he will get mad or anything" I spoke looking at Louis his face was lacking its gloom.

 "Thats easy for you to say, you're not the one who is in it!" Louis yells, his face turning red.

  "Don't snap at me, he can't do shit about it, so relax the fuck down" i look at his eyes, red as if he hasn't slept in days.

  "Its not about Simon, its about my family; what would they say? i have little sisters, you know." Louis voice broke, knowing him there is more. He looked start at me than added "And El what would she say?"

  "She broke up with you, why do you care? why would she anyway?" i ask.

  "You wouldn't understand." his voice soften. so thats whats its all about. we ended up seeing all the tweets and comments about it; very harsh stuff.

the top tweets was from his mother, sisters and step dad; his mom was very harsh she wrote about how fucked up her son had became after being famous, His sisters wrote about how impossible its and thats in no way Louis would do that. and his dad wrote about how Louis needs to come down to earth,  Louis looked very sick; his faces was never paler. fuck em they're just jealous.

 "Can you open El's?" i nod as i look up her tweeter, Her icon was her and a guy; she had the biggest smile i ever seen on her; a true one. while his eyes were all over her; in a good way, he was admiring her beauty.

 "Louis who is this guy with her?" i asked as he looked up at me than my phone, for a second i felt like he will take my phone and break it in half.

 "Open her face book" His voice breaks for the 70,000 time today, and with no surprise she was "taken". 

  "I don't think this day can get any worse" and by that famous saying a the door bell rang, i opened the door for josh our drummer.

  "Simon is on his way here, by the way he talked with me on the phone; he seems very mad mates" Josh informed us, he sits next to Louis who is zoning out looking at that so called hoe Facebook. we sat in silence for ages, as Simon storms in. 

  "You are in big trouble, both of you" He yells, Louis not even looking up at Simon. 

  "I'm going to bring your ass down from the fucking moon, you both are too up in your heads; come down to earth before i do something worse" Simon snaps.

  "what are going to do? you can't do shit about it." i yell back. 

  "oh you both of you going to work your ass off, Louis is going to work at Topshop and from you Liam you're going to work in a book store." he is kidding isn't he?

 "you think fans won't jump at us?" Louis snaps. yeah show him who is the boss. 

 "you think I'm keeping you with you'r green hair? with the tan all over you? with all those tattoos?or with the cloth you are wearing?" He asks so we are having a makeover? no fucking way.

 well our makeovers were very "harsh" as my old self would say, Louis got blond hair and he ditched his eyeliner as well as his black lipstick and they covered up all his tattoos; and they made him wear stylish stuff; the stuff that are totally in, and for me they changed my blue long hair to brown and they shaved most of it as well as taking my eyeliner off. 

We looked nothing like ourselves, our rock star image was down and I am glad they did. 

 and this was Fall, a season where everything falls down on your head, it lasted a long time; all our tour dates were canceled and changed for next year. 


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