It all started with one word.


1. Hello

"Bye dad I'm just going for a quick ride down to the shops" I said as I rode out the garage.

As I ride a begin making a mental list of what to buy


-A new book



-And a toy for Lily

"LOOK OUT!!!" I hear someone scream.

I hear the screeching of brakes and a thud as a sharp pain shoots up my right arm. People gather around me as everything goes black...

Beep beep beep,what is that sound, beep beep beep,turn it off, beep beep beep,"ugh."

"Hello"says a the guy next to my bed.

"Hello"I say "who are you?"

"I'm Thomas Bradley" he says smoothly.

"I'm Amethyst Styles" I say. I look at Thomas and notice he has milk chocolate brown hair a few freckles on his nose and looks about seventeen my age.

"Hello Amethyst I'm Doctor Noah"says the doctor as he opens the door and walks in "You are free to go home and I believe Thomas here is taking you?"

"Yes he is" I say looking at Thomas.

"Good you are free to go home" says Noah.

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