STYLES (A Harry Vamp Fic)

The young girl sobs as the beast with black eyes approaches her with a smirk.

"P-please" she stammers

"How could you be so stubborn Ella?" The monster hooks a loose strand of hair behind her hair

"I-I don't know" Ella responds

"Mummy and daddy are gone" The monster's eyes somehow glitter as he stares into Ella's eyes "baby brother and big sister are gone... That only leaves you"

"Please don't hurt me" Ella begs as the monster turned her head

Ella freeze as the monster inhales her scent and elicits a soft moan. It's fangs sink down into her jugular and thick tears roll down Ella's cheeks as what feel like two enormous injections stab into her neck

She croaks as her mouth dries. Her face pale as she starts to lose blood into the monster's mouth. The monster slowly removes his fangs from Ella's neck and smirks at the girl now now pale and weak

Ella slumps down to the floor and looks once more to her younger brothers shadow on the wall. It being small and flat, as her brother had too been attacked by the beast she'd let in the house

"Stupid girl" the beast hisses before she falls into a sedated state.

The last thing heard is a taunting and low cackle. Ella's vision blurring red, to white and then into her final state... of darkness.
Eyes black as night, fangs sharp as blades. A creature that kills, for the taste... Of blood.

Do you believe?


2. Temper, Temper

Harry was correct. I'd heard wolves all of last night and my parents weren't him, the calls if the wild animals making my blood run cold in terror.

But I also saw Harry leave his house last night, and return several hours later empty handed. It was then, that the wolves stopped.

Now it was late morning, about ten thirty and I was going to visit Harry again before school tommorrow

"Good morning Claudia" he opened the door just as I was about to knock

"Morning Harry" I smiled

"Good to see you in one piece" He gave me a dimpled smile

"You too" I nodded, deciding not to bring up his absence from his home last night

"I see you have yet another pair of camouflage pants" he chuckled

"I see you've rolled your jeans and are barefoot" I nodded

It was true. Harry wore the same black skinny jeans as yesterday, his feet still bare but this time he had on a black shirt and bandana round his head.

His short sleeved shirt showed me more tattoos, a ship on his shoulder, a locket, key and clover on his left wrist, things I can written on one arm and things I can't written on the other. Of course there were plenty more, ones that would take forever to list but my favorite out of all his visible tattoos was most definitely the three nails below his large colored in heart on the top of his bicep.

I have no explanation for it, but I like it... I like it a lot.

"I'm assuming you heard them last night" Harry stated

"Yes, but the howls stopped at a really odd time" I nodded

"They did... Didn't they?" Harry smiled, cocking his head

"It's odd, we've never had wolves before"

"I despise any and all wolves" Harry informed me "they're like dogs, only worse"

"Really?" I asked surprised "I think I like wolves more than dogs"

"They're mangy, wild, stupid, noisy mutts" Harry snorted

Wow... This kid has a passion in his hatred for anything dog related

"So what do you like then?"

"Rabbits, cats, horses, anything else really"




"I absolutely love ponies" he said, licking his bottom lip with a look that almost looked like hunger in his eyes

"Not really for me" I scuffed my heel against his porch "too childish"

"Yes, but they're sweet, are they not?" Harry cocked his head a second time, his dimples popping as he smiled in appreciation obviously of the miniature horse kind

"Yeah" I agreed "but... I never liked them"

"That's alright" Harry chuckled "I dislike dogs"


"I was given one, once, the mutt tried to attack me"

That's when I burned red. Images of Calen yesterday trying to pounce onto Harry

"But, I guess I have a slightly better liking for your dog" Harry looked sideways, into my house

I turned too, Calen sitting at the window just watching.

"So... You're more of a cat person?" I asked

"I have one, yes" Harry nodded

"Really? You never told me" I said surprised

"It's a small brown cat, nice blue eyes" Harry nodded, "you could come inside and meet him and his brother"

"Wait... How many cats do you have?"


"Why three?"

"Why not?" He answered me with another question

Now I was stumped. I simply nodded as he invited me into his home, a vanilla scent rising into my nostrils

"Wow... You've really cleaned this place up" I said in awe, many old looking oil paintings and drapes as just decorations in general, giving the house a vintage look.

"In case you haven't noticed, I like antiques" Harry nodded

Wow. Inside a cute boy's house to see his cats? That's low, even for me.

Cut from my thoughts, a small black cat with hazel eyes came scampering towards Harry, clawing as his rolled jeans.

It then began to climb, Harry scooping it up in one large hand. The small kitten jumped onto his shoulder, padding toward the other one to take give me a curious but adorable look

"This is Ashes" Harry said, the small cat mewing as it put out it's paw to catch the dim ray of light in front of it

"He's cute" I smiled

Harry lifted Ashes, passing him to me

"Fang will be on the couch and shadow elsewhere"

"Creepy names" I smiled warmly

"Yes well, watch out for Shadow" Harry said flatly "he's called that for a reason"

What? Did that mean he hid in the dark?

As Harry took me deeper into his home, a dairy milk colored kitten, a little older and thinner than Ashes came padding towards me.

"Here's fang" Harry smiled as the cat mewed

I handed Ashes back to Harry, the small cat now scratching and biting the back of my neck

"I apologise" Harry placed Ashes onto the floor "he has an odd taste for flesh"


"Oh no, not in that way" Harry shook his head "what I meant was he eats meaty foods with skin, so he occasionally likes to bite when he's hungry"

"I can see that" I nodded, two small fang marks in the fleshy area under Harry's pinky

I wiped the back of my neck with my hand, Harry's favorite color tainting my fingers... Blood

"I think you need to leave" Harry glared at my bloodied finger, his nostrils flaring at the sight

"Oh I- alright"

"Now" he growled


"NOW!" He roared

I turned around a large black cat hissing loudly and giving me the fright if my life. I gave Harry a sheepish smile and ran out his house back to one, my heart racing at the fright his sudden temper had given me... What the heck was that about.?

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