STYLES (A Harry Vamp Fic)

The young girl sobs as the beast with black eyes approaches her with a smirk.

"P-please" she stammers

"How could you be so stubborn Ella?" The monster hooks a loose strand of hair behind her hair

"I-I don't know" Ella responds

"Mummy and daddy are gone" The monster's eyes somehow glitter as he stares into Ella's eyes "baby brother and big sister are gone... That only leaves you"

"Please don't hurt me" Ella begs as the monster turned her head

Ella freeze as the monster inhales her scent and elicits a soft moan. It's fangs sink down into her jugular and thick tears roll down Ella's cheeks as what feel like two enormous injections stab into her neck

She croaks as her mouth dries. Her face pale as she starts to lose blood into the monster's mouth. The monster slowly removes his fangs from Ella's neck and smirks at the girl now now pale and weak

Ella slumps down to the floor and looks once more to her younger brothers shadow on the wall. It being small and flat, as her brother had too been attacked by the beast she'd let in the house

"Stupid girl" the beast hisses before she falls into a sedated state.

The last thing heard is a taunting and low cackle. Ella's vision blurring red, to white and then into her final state... of darkness.
Eyes black as night, fangs sharp as blades. A creature that kills, for the taste... Of blood.

Do you believe?

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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