One Little Lie(A pretty little liars fanfiction)

Aria, Emily, Alison, Hanna, Spencer, Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall, and Liam used to be best friends, but on the last day of 7th grade Harry, and Alison disappear. 3 years later they find her body. What happens when the group start to get messages from a anonymous sender threatening to spill all of secrets?


1. Chapter One


That Night......

The day seventh grade ended, was the night Spencer and Allison had been looking forward to for the past three months. Spencer’s parents had agreed to let them stay in the barn while the were away. Harry, Allison, Louis, Aria, Liam, Spencer, Niall, Hanna, Zayn, and Emily were going to have the night of there lives, and for some, the last.


Spencer sat on her bed, watching re-runs of “I love Lucy” when her phone buzzed. Hey Spence, what time again? -Liam Spencer then glanced over at the time her phone, it was only four o’clock, she smiled and quickly replied, You can come now if you want-Spence. Spencer waited only to have Liam reply instantly. On my way, time me;) -Liam She moaned of frustration, and rolled out of her bed, walking out to the barn where she started to count, Suddenly Liam burst out of the tree’s, smiling.

“20 seconds” she said “New record” He laughed and the walk into the barn.


Aria sat on her bed, reading a book, when she hears a knock at her window. She glances up to see her next door neighbor Louis at his window smiling. she smiled back as held up his finger, telling her to wait. He then grabs a pen and his note book writing down “What are you doing?” and holing it up. Aria smile’s and picks up her pink notebook from her desk, the one used just for this. “Reading” she writes then holds it up for him to see. He smiles, flips a page and writes. “Nerd” the page reads. To this Aria just simply sticks out her tongue, Louis laughs. “You coming tonight?” she writes on the next page of the notebook. “Wouldn’t miss it” he says. She smiles and looks at the clock, it reads, six o’clock. “Walk with me?” she says. Louis nods and they both starts out of the room, down the stairs and outside.


Hanna, and Emily had rode home with Niall from school today, The three of them sat on the couch waiting for time to pass so they could go to Spencer’s.

"Did you guys tell your parents that Spencer’s parents were gone?” Emily asked them. Niall sitting on the end of the couch, with his feet on the coffee table and Hanna way laying longways with her head on Niall’s stomach, they both glanced at each other and back at Emily, shaking there heads no. “Me Neither” Emily says. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door.

“Nose goes!” Niall shouts as he and Hanna quickly put there fingers on there nose laughing uncontrollably.

“Fine” Emily mutters, walking towards the door and throwing a pillow at Niall’s face.

“Whudya do that for?” he says with his heavy irish accent. Emily just smiles opening the door to reveal Zayn, standing on the porch, waiting. Emily smiles, and pulls him into a hug, they had been dating for the past several months, and Emily had had a crush on him for as long as they can remember, and when he asked, what else was she said yes, but something about it just didn't feel right

“Are you guys ready?” Zayn says from the doorway

“Well if Niall and Hanna ever get off the couch” Emily says looking at them, they start to laugh again at God knows what.

“Lets go!” Hanna exclaims, and they were on there way.


Harry and Alison have been dating for quite a while now, and although some thought Harry was to good for the lying, backstabbing, deceiving, Alison DiLaurentis, they seemed like a the perfect couple.

“What has four eyes, but can’t see?” Alison says reading the stick of her now gone, cherry red popsicle.

“What” Harry says as they walk into her room.

“Mississippi” She answers giggling “These jokes are so stupid” Harry then picks her up off of the ground. “Put me down” she giggles

“Okay” he says placing her down on the bed and laying down beside her. Alison, lays her head on his chest, and reaches for the remote. She turns on the TV where re-runs of “I love Lucy” are already playing. She smiled up at Harry pleadingly,

“Fine!” Harry says before smiling and laughing

“Thank you” Ali smiles back. Harry starts playing with her hair and in know time Alison had fallen asleep on Harrys chest.


Spencer and Liam are both lying on the couch in Spencer’s living room finishing up watching Paranormal Activity, Liam looks up from behind the blanket he is cowering behind and glances towards the clock,

“It’s 7 o’clock already” He says before going back under the blanket.

“Are you really scared?” Spencer laughs

“What?” Liam says taking the blanket and pulling it down “Of course not” “I just thing we should head on out to the barn and get things set up, there going to be getting here soon” Spencer rolls her eye’s

“Fine” Liam shuts off the TV and they head out towards the barn.

“I have a bad feeling about tonight” Liam says suddenly

“What do you mean?” Spencer questions

“I-” he stutters “I don’t know” The stop walking for a second.

“Its probably just the paranormal activity getting to you” Spencer smiles assuringly

“Yeah your probably right” he says, though in the back of his mind, he didn’t really think so.


“Hey” Aria says when she see’s Louis

“Hey” he said “Please tell me you didn’t bring you book” he laughs,

“What if I get bored?” She said laughing with him, Louis just shakes his head,

“Can you believe were going to eighth grade next year?” he says

“Feels like life is just moving to fast lately” Aria says looking up at the sky

“Life moves pretty fast if you don’t stop and look every once and a while, you’ll miss it” Louis says. Finally, Aria can’t hold it in anymore, she starts laughing.

“and you call me the nerd?” Aria says still giggling

“What can I say?” “I love English with a passion” He says smiling “But don’t you dare ask me a math problem” Aria just smiles, so does he before they start laughing uncontrollably.

“What can I say? Better a witty fool than a foolish wit” Louis just rolls his eyes

“William Shakespeare” he says, Impressed, Aria gives him a thumbs up and smiles, they just continue to laugh. There in the driveway to Spencer’s house, the stop

“I feel like this is all we ever do” Aria says when she finally stops laughing.

“What” Louis questions

“Laugh!” Aria exclaims

“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane” Louis smiles “Robert Frost” he says before Aria gets the chance. They both stop laughing, Louis heart is beating a mile a minute as he looks into Aria’s Icy blue eyes, they almost made him shiver.

“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired” Aria finally said, breaking the silence. They move there faces together until the inches apart. Ding! Ding! Aria’s phone went of in her pocket. Louis now knew the meaning of “deer caught in the headlights” saying. “Um...Robert Frost” she says. Louis pulls off a fake smile and they walk towards the barn.


Niall, Zayn, Hanna, and Emily didn’t stop laughing the whole walk there. The funny thing was, there was no “funny thing”

“Oh yeah that reminds me” Niall says reaching into his bag “I brought this” He holds up a bottle of rum, Emily’s and Hanna’s eyes both widen.

“Um Niall” says Hanna “Last I checked, we were still in seventh grade”

“Actually, I think that ended today” Niall said

“Well then were eighth graders” Emily says

“Relax” Niall said “Its just little bit, we can’t get drunk off of it, I promise” Hanna nods and walks into the barn where she see’s Spencer and Liam.

“Hey guys!” Spencer and Liam say in unison. After we exchange a few Hey’s and Hello’s Spencer breaks the silence.

“Hanna?” She asks “follow me need to show you something.” Hanna quickly gets up and follows her outside.

“Look!” she says pointing towards Aria and Louis in the parking lot. Hanna gasps, they looked like they were about to kiss.

“Awwwwww” they both cooed in unison. Suddenly, Aria’s phone went of, ruining the moment.

“Dang it” Hanna said looking down at her phone. “I just butt dialed her”

“Well its fine, maybe they shouldn’t kiss anyway” Spencer says

“You like Louis” Hanna asked

“What?” “No!” Spencer exclaims “I like Liam” she says now whispering. Hanna smiles.


When Alison finally woke up, it was about 8:30, and judging from the music playing from the Hastings house the party must have Already started.

“You were dreaming about me, weren't you?” Harry asks, slightly chuckling. “Explains the droll” He continues, gesturing towards his shirt

“Sorry about that” Allison says laughing

“Come on, lets go” Harry says getting off of the bed.

“Lets” Allison smiles heading out the door.


The time was 8:00, Everyone had arrived at Spencer’s house except Alison and Harry. It had started to storm, because the all heard thunder coming from outside, so the party came inside, where everyone was sitting in a circle in the floor, talking about life, seventh grade, and Alison and Harry.

“Yeah there Like an hour late” Aria stated looking at the clock

“Where do you think they are?” Spencer wondered

“Better question is what do you think they’re doing” Liam said laughing

“What do you mean?” Hanna question, looking at Liam,

“Oh I have a pretty good idea” Louis said standing up from behind Hanna and walking to sit with Aria., she smiles at him.

“Do you really think they would do that?” Emily asked, loosening her grip on Zayn’s hand.

“Yeah were only in seventh grade” Hanna argued.

“Well Harry.....” Niall started “I don’t know” he says almost in a trance.

“If it was Harry and some other girl, than never” Louis stated “But Allison-” he started before hear a noise from outside. Spencer walks over to cut off the music.

“It’s probably just thunder” Zayn said

“Yeah” Emily agreed, they heard it again, and it was not thunder. The guys stand up.

“We’ll go check it out” Liam said before spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily began laughing.

“What?” Zayn, and Louis said in unison

“You guys, trying to be hero’s” Emily said

“You couldn’t hurt a fly” Aria said still laughing

“Actually Niall killed a fly on the way here” Hanna said laughing “Wait never mind, he maid Emily do it”

“Well now I’m just insulted” Louis said siting down and pre tenting to pout. They suddenly remember why this argument started in the first place when they hear the noise again. Everyone is silent.

“Lets all go” Hanna said with her awkward laugh.

“Yeah let’s” Louis agreed, now standing up. Everyone nods and locks arms as the walk towards the door. Liam screams as they hear it again, and spencer cracks up.

“Sorry i’m done” she says as Liam glares at her. As they get closer to the door, the noise stops, but they don’t, they keep going. The door gradually starts to open, as Liam closes his eyes, waiting for the demon to come. When instantaneously, they door opens fast with Harry and Allison standing in the doorway. They room is then filled with everyones screams, Louis being the loudest. Allison and Harry just laugh as the screaming dies down, Everyone else soon joins in. Niall shakes his head as adds some rum to his sprite. Hanna’s smilie fades, Aria see’s this and tries to lighten the mood.

“Don’t drink to much Niall you’ll tell us all your secrets” She says laughing.

“Friends tell secrets, thats what keeps us close” Allison says sitting down beside Niall, and taking the bottle, “Drink up!” Niall takes a sip and immediately spits it out.

“Thats nasty” he says laughing, and setting his cup on the table.

“Arn’t you supposed to be irish?” Harry laughs sitting down beside him. Niall shrugs as he grabs a can another can of sprite,

“Think i’ll stick with this” he says holing it up, everyone laughs.

“So where were you guys?” Zayn asked, Harry and Alison smile at each other.

“We were.....busy” Alison says smirking, not wanting to tell the whole truth, that nothing happened. Aria gives both Harry and Alison a confused look before Ali says, “Lets gets this party started”

After a few hours of talking, joking and screaming. Hanna says something that brings the group back into reality.

“Toby Cavanauh’s back in town” she says

“The Toby?” Niall asked, Hannah nods,

“He moved in next door” she says

“What about Jenna” Louis said expressionless

“Uh-” Hanna starts but is interrupted by Alison.

“Don’t talk about Jenna” Ali screams covering her face with her hands “Whats done is done, and we didn’t mean to” The room is silent, and you could honestly cut the tension with a knife. Everyone was eager to know if Jenna was back to, but to afraid of upsetting Ali. So they decided to just wait.

The rest of that night was mostly a blur, They watched movie, ate way to much popcorn and fell asleep. No one knows when, but sometime during the night, Harry and Alison left the barn. It was about 9:00 when Aria woke up smiling, she had a dream about Louis, Alison being the only one to know of her crush, she searched the room for her, she was gone. She looked for Harry, who was also gone. She looked to who should be beside her Louis, who also wasn’t there. Last resort, she woke up Niall.

“Niall wake up” she said, As his eyes flutter open he groans, pulling his pillow over his head. Aria rolls her eyes.

“Niall seriously, I can’t find Harry, Louis or Alison!” Hearing the he sits up, so do Emily, Hanna, and Zayn, I notice Spencer and Liam are missing to.

“We can’t find them any where” Louis says standing in the doorway alongside, Spencer and Liam. “I think I heard a scream”

The rest of the day everyone looked for them with no luck, In the nest few weeks they were all interviewed by the police, private, and in groups. As for the now eight “best friends”? they tried to all stay as a group, but they just grew apart. After Louis and Aria moved to Iceland, they hardly even talked anymore, as a group that is. Hanna lost weight, and started dating Niall in the ninth grade, they became best friends with a used-to-be biggest nerd, and became the talk of the school. Having all the same classes Liam and Spencer, stayed friends, having “study dates” most nights. Zayn and Emily broke up about a year after Alison and Harry’s disappearance. They tried to stay friends at first, but it eventually just became to awkward. Emily still hung out with Spencer some, just not all the time. Zayn became somewhat of a loner. But the same question still lingered in all of there minds. Where were Alison and Harry?


A/N: sooooooo what do you think? Too confusing? To many characters? Bad Grammar? Does it sound to southern?

And also, based on what you've read so far, can you guess which one direction member is my favorite? The reason I ask is because my friend says it's obvious which one is my favorite, but I want to give everyone and equal amount of story just let me know!!!!!!!!!! Should have the next chapter up soon!!!!!!!!

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