divergent twist

the story will be almost like divergent just some little twists like love and others


1. The day

            its time, its that day every 16 year old must chose were they will live for the rest of there life's. This is the part were use 16 year old chose to stay home or leave there family and friends. I am Tris Prior. Right now I live with my family my mother father and brother. I love them all so much but I don't fit in I wanna be free. I'm tired of being plain old boring tris i am abnegation. there are five factions abnegation, dauntless, candor, amity and erudite, but when you fail to get in one of the five factions you are then factionless. 

            I am abnegation, but im going to be dauntless. i just love the bravery that you need to have. the only thing i would have to think about is leaving my family, what will they say about me leaving will they ever be able to forgive me. I dont  know what to do because i already found out i am "divergent"



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