A girl goes missing from her school and her friends try to track her down. This short story tells how.


1. A Normal Morning

It’s going to be another long day; just getting up, having breakfast, going out to school, coming home……etc. I wish something interesting would happen in my life.

“Loren! Come and have your breakfast please.” Mum called from the kitchen where she was preparing scrambled egg on toast.

“I’ll be there soon. Just wait a mo.”

I quickly shoved on my black pleated skirt and white blouse. At least our school uniform allowed us to look slightly fashionable. I tugged at my bushy blonde hair without any effect and ran down to the kitchen.

Mum was serving up the egg with steaming mugs of hot chocolate. My favourite! I ate slowly, not wanting to walk to school in the cold drizzle that was falling. I was hoping Mum would give me a lift. As if she could read my thoughts, Mum suddenly exclaimed, “Loren, you’ll be late for school at this rate. Go and sort yourself out and then I’ll drop you off.”

        *                 *                          *                               *           *

School began with a dull registration, nobody talked and our teacher shouted, clearly in a bad mood. Double English was no better, doing reading comprehension was so not my idea of fun! Break time was hilarious though. My best friend, Chelsea, started dancing in front of everyone and had us in fits of giggles. We weren’t embarrassed in the slightest.

After the dancing incident, things started to get exciting.

“Loren, Chelsea, have either of you seen Mollie?” Tasha, a girl we vaguely knew rushed into the classroom. “When did you last see her?”

“She was with us in English but we haven’t seen her since.” Chelsea explained. “Why?”

“Well, someone saw her getting into a silver car at the beginning of break and she hasn’t come back. I think she’s been kidnapped!”


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