Bethany met this mysterious guy Justin. she couldn't stop thinking about him since day one.. he is such a nice guy but though such mysterious .. do you think he's hiding something..? Find out in the story..


1. First sight

I was sitting in my room when I saw him out of the window. He was walking past the beautiful oak trees, all I remember was that he had brown hair and was wearing a purple hoodie... OH yeah!! He looked at my window, I quickly bent down so he couldn't see that I was looking.. But I think he saw me.

At 6:00 am I rushed down the stairs, to brush my teeth and as always my sister was already in the bathroom. "Bethany breakfast is ready" my mom said, i walked into the kitchen, smelling the pancakes " mhmm my favorite! Thanks mom".

I took my backpack and got into the car, i was almost late. "Bethany why are you all dressed up? Is it because of the new student" my mom said, "No what student?" "Oh they didn't tell you? Well When I was at the parents meeting your class teacher said there's coming a new boy in your class named Justin" I looked at my mom speechless, why did no one tell me.. Who could justin be? Have I met him? No, I was just nervous.

My mom dropped me and my sister at school, "bye girls!" "Cya mom" we both said and walked into the hall.

My sister went in a higher grade than me, therefor her classes where in a different building. When I walked into the class the teacher was already there, "Good morning students" "Good morning Mr.Russo!" We all replied, "I have to announce that we have a new student coming, he's name is Justin Mallette" the brown haired guy, that was standing outside my window walked into the class room "Justin can, you please represent yourself" the whole class went silent "hmm my name is Justin as you heard ehh yeah.. i was homeschooled before, but i wanted to begin in highschool so i could meet new people" 

Some girls begun giggling in the back, after he was done representing himself, i looked at him he was kind of shaking. the teacher looked at me saying "Bethany can Justin sit by you?" my heart bet faster "e-e-eh yes sure" i stared down on my book. "Hey u-uhh what are you reading" a voice said, i looked my my side and there was Justin, i did'nt really know how to talk to strangers so it was quite awkward responding to him. "Tw-i-i-light breaking dawn" he smiled at me and i begun laughing, "sorry you're just so cute when you strain" 

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