Be Save

This is the story from Marlene and Uriah starting from after Jeanine controlled all of the Dauntless as an army. Uriah realizes he's in love with Marlene.

*Insurgent and Allegiant spoilers*


1. The kiss

My eyes fall on her beautiful brown hair and I rush towards her. Marlene is standing next to Lynn, like always. I’m so glad I finally found her. After the attack simulation, I’m glad she’s still alive. I wasn’t controlled by it, because of my Divergence. During the simulation the only thing I could think of was Marlene. She smiles as she sees me and runs towards me.
“Uriah! So glad you’re okay!”, she says with that big smile on her face. I smile goofily, like I always do. 
“Of course I am! I wouldn’t be Uriah if I wasn’t right?”, I grin and open my arms, hoping she will hug me. She comes closer and hugs me. She smells like strawberries, but then mixed with sand. We both let go and stare at each other just a bit too long. “Uriah, happy you survived.”, Lynn says while she pops up beside me. I take my eyes off Marlene and smile at Lynn. 
“Happy you’re still on this planet as well.” 
“Lynn, do you mind if I talk to Uriah for a second? There’s something I need to tell him.”
Lynn raises one eyebrow but doesn’t say anything. She nods and walks away from us. Leaving me and Marlene while she disappears between all the other people here.
“What do you want to tell me?”, I ask her curiously when Lynn can’t see us anymore.
“When I woke up from the simulation, I could only think of you. I mean, I hoped you survived more than I hoped it from anyone else. And that’s when I realized that I am in love with you.”, she shuffles a bit with her feet and looks at the ground. “I’m sorry Uriah.”
My eyes widen and I just stare at her, looking so innocent. “There’s no need to be sorry.” I take a step closer to her and lift her head up with my thumb, so she has to look at me. “Because I’m in love with you as well.”
Marlene smiles brightly and I can see her cheery self come back again. I smile as well. “Normal people would hug now, or something.”, she says while she shrugs.
“I’m not going to hug you.”, I say trying to hide my smile. She looks sad for a second, but then I press my lips on hers. Everything around us seems to disappear. This is what I’ve been waiting for ever since we were five. Marlene, with her piggy tails, asking me if I would play dare with her. I fell in love right away, but I didn’t think she’d ever feel the same way about me. And now, I’m standing here kissing the most amazing girl in the world. I’m such a lucky guy. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her a bit closer. Then we slowly let go of the kiss and stare in each other eyes, out of breath. I grin a bit. “You seriously took my breath away.”
She laughs and pokes me in my stomach. “Oh shut up.”

We sit at a table, breakfast is in front of us. I hold Marlene’s hand under the table. Lynn is staring at her food so she doesn’t really notice, I think. I smile at Marlene and she smiles back, eating a muffin.
“How stupid do you guys think I am?”, Lynn says suddenly out of nowhere. I frown at her, not knowing what to say.
“What do you mean?”, Marlene asks Lynn while she lets go of my hand.
“You two are in love. You’re holding hands under the table smartasses. And the way you look at each other… Blech. Love.”
Marlene’s cheeks turn red and I almost choke in my piece of bread. “Okay yes you’re right. We are.”, Marlene says while her lips curl up into a smile.
Lynn nods. “Next time, don’t hide it for me. Okay?”
I answer before Marlene can. “Okay Lynn, I’m sorry.”
Lynn stands up. “Enjoy your breakfast, I’m not hungry.” She turns around and walks away.


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