The Boy With The Red Sunglasses

Evelyn James is just an average teenage girl - clever, relatively popular, friendly. But after the unbelievable events of her prom night, she manages to fall into more and more trouble, and there is only one person who understands - the boy with the red sunglasses.

*Basically, an X-Men fanfic set in present day, explaining Scott's first experiences with his mutation and the X-Men. I've been told it makes total sense even if you don't know anything about X-Men! So, please check it out. :)*


82. Messed Up Genetics in Pretty Unitards

"I expect it was a psychic attack." The professor's voice is the first thing I am aware of. "If I can just access her mind-"
"No!" I snap awake quickly. "It- It was just a migraine."
"A migraine?" A confused Bobby stands beside my seat in the jet.
"Yeah, it's gone now. It's okay." John the migraine? Irritating, painful and makes you want to shut yourself up in a dark room? Sounds about right. "Where's Scott?"
"He's still flying the jet." The professor states proudly. Oh. He didn't come to me?
"He didn't want to stay there." Bobby explains, like he's reading my mind. "He really wanted to get to you, but the professor convinced him to stay and land us safely."
"I have to-"
"Evelyn?" John's thoughts break through my words. The contact brings about a dull headache now. "Are you okay? I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to! You just pushed me too far."
"I don't want to hear it. Don't try to contact me again. We'll talk when I want to." I command strongly, only now remembering where I am and why. "Now, call off Voltage."
"I- I can't. I have no way of contacting her."
"Then, you better hope we don't catch her, because if we do, all three of us are going down." I close my eyes, and close my mind with them. There's no way I'm talking to him after that. What the hell did he do to me?!
"Are you sure you're alright?" Bobby asks like a concerned brother, making my smile.
"Yes, just a migraine." I repeat. At that moment, the plane wobbles slightly. That is so unusual, whenever Scott does something - he does it perfectly. "Please go tell Scott that I'm fine before he crashes us into a busy street."
Bobby laughs and heads up to the front of the plane. I glance at my other team mates who seem to be watching me intently, confused expressions occupying their faces.
"Evelyn, are you sure it was just a migraine?" The professor is very serious and looks me directly in the eye.
"Positive." I lie. "Why d'you ask?"
"There have been some strange telepathic signals around the mansion recently." Oh. We have signals?
"Maybe it's Jean." I shrug.
"Hey!" Jean calls out in protest.
"Honestly, professor, I'm fine. It was just a migraine." I smile and he replies with a curt nod before heading back to the front of the jet. Just then, Scott rushes towards me and takes me into his arms.
"Are you okay? I wanted to help you - I really did - but the professor he-"
"Shhh." I place my index finger over his lips, silencing him. "I know. I'm okay."
"But- I mean... You-" He places his hand gently on my cheek, and I feel him shaking.
"Scott." I look into his visor and hope that somewhere my eyes connect with his. "I'm fine. I promise. We need to stop that mutant now, okay?"
"No. You don't." He says firmly. "You're staying here with the professor."
"No, Evelyn. You can't go out after that happened!" His tone suggests that he will not waver on this. I sigh heavily.
"Fine." I roll my eyes. "But if any trouble happens, I'm straight in there. I won't let you get hurt."
"Okay. I can handle that." He agrees, sealing the deal with a kiss. "We'll be back soon."
The four X-Men group together and exit the jet. I plan to leave within the next few minutes. I just need them to be far enough away. I told Scott I'd be straight there if any trouble happened. He just didn't know that I knew just how much trouble Voltage has the potential to be.
Soon, I decide that it is a good time to escape. The professor is speaking to someone over the radio of the jet and the X-Men have been out for a few minutes.
I hear a loud crash and turn my attention to a tall building just in time to see Warren smash backwards through a window and almost plummet to his death, before he catches himself and flies back inside. I rush over to the lower entrance. Ugh. Why do I have to have such a crappy ability? I can be sure that I only the only member of the X-Men who has to take the goddamn stairs! Bobby would have used his iceslide, Jean her telekinesis, Warren would've have flown and Scott would've probably tagged along with Bobby. And I'm stuck here, eight floors below where I should be. I sigh heavily and head inside. For a moment I contemplate taking the elevator, but the fact there's a mutant in here with the ability to control electricity puts me off slightly. I instead run up the stairs. This is one of the few times when I'm glad our training is so excessive.
I reach the eighth floor sooner than I expected and am stopped in my tracks when I enter the room where Voltage and my team are.
The X-Men - they're all tied up. Every single one of them. They lie on the floor squirming as sparking electricity cables tighten around their wrists and ankles. Voltage stands in the centre of the room with her back to me. Scott is knelt up in front of her, her hand directing his chin up towards her. He looks majorly irritated. I step behind the doorway, just out of sight. She better get away from him. I feel my anger burn inside.
"Is your girlfriend the jealous type, Cyclops?" She asks, her voice sleek and sexy, as she bends forward to align her face with his. My fists tighten at my sides. Step away from him!
"Back off!" Scott hisses, making me smile.
"But the fun is just beginning!" She laughs. "Now that you're all here, I can do what I want with you. And I have some very interesting plans for you in particular."
"Who are you?" Scott demands. "What are you doing here?"
She takes hold of his chin again and brings his face to be just inches from hers. He flicks his head away roughly.
"Oh, Cyclops. You're no fun!" She complains mockingly, placing her index finger on his bottom lip. There is a small spark of light before Scott turns his face away and moans slightly. "Awww. Did I hurt you? Want me to kiss it better?"
That's it! I swing my head and feel the flames ignite, before clicking my fingers to create fire there too.
"Get away from my boyfriend, you bitch!" I yell, stepping into view.
"Awh. Girlfriend's here to crash the fun!" She turns to face me, a smug smile on her face.
"Ardor! I thought we told you to-"
"Shut up, Cyclops!" I cut him off. Now is not the time. I turn my attention back to Voltage. "What are you doing here?"
"Well," She places her left hand on her hips. "Cyclops and I were just sharing a romantic moment until you showed up."
"Seriously, you ever make another move on my boyfriend and I will burn your goddamn face off." I step towards the group slightly.
"Ardor!" Jean calls from the floor beside me. "Calm down!"
"Does this count as making a move?" She turns quickly and pushes her lips onto Scott's. My mouth falls open. What the hell? Her fingers run over his chest. Hey! He's mine!
"Get your hands off him!" I shout, sending a ball of flames at her right wrist. She stumbles back from Scott, calling out in pain and clutching her injured forearm.
While she nurses her wound I quickly untie Warren and tell him to free the others whilst I take care of Voltage. I walk over to her slowly and am soon standing above where she kneels on the ground.
"Nobody," I growl. She looks up to face me, and the flames retract from my right hand. "I repeat, nobody, can ever kiss him but me." I slap her hard. "Got that?"
"Should've kept him on a tighter leash then, Ardor." She pants through the pain, her evil grin taking her lips again.
"Listen, Voltage." I say her name in a way that's fuelled with hate. "I don't care what you think about us, you'll never beat the X-Men!"
I notice that Jean and Warren have freed Scott and Bobby and all four of the stand behind Voltage. Noticing that her full attention is on me, I walk around her, the others following my lead. And soon we have switched positions and Voltage is still focused on me.
"Evelyn," Jean is in my mind. "What shall we-"
"Go and tell the professor what's happening. I need to handle this myself..."
I watch them leave the room from the corner of my eye, but I notice Scott stays. Goddamit! Why can't he do what he's told?!
"That's where you're wrong." Voltage speaks up, standing slowly with her words. "You X-Men, you think you're unbeatable. You're not. You're just messed up genetics in pretty unitards. You can't change the world, Ardor! And you're definitely not unbeatable!"
Suddenly, she thrusts her hands towards me and I watch in slow motion as the bolt of pure electrical energy hits my chest. Although the pain itself hurts, my invulnerability to burns dulls it largely - it's the excessive force that is the most painful thing. I shoot backwards, smashing through a window behind me. And with a soundtrack of Scott's scream, I fall.

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