Diary of a Teenage Fangirl

I, Sophia Grose, will blab on and on about my life for our entertainment. Hope you enjoy.


1. Introduction

Hello. I am Sophia Grose. I am an Aries and I enjoy long walks to the refrigerator. I am 5 foot nothing. I sit in my bed watching tv on the weekends. I enjoy school, just not waking up. I have 3 friends, one lives away from me, one is a woman who helps out with my PE class (we call it FISH), and the other is my age and we have all our classes together.

My favorite tv shows are Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. Sherlock is the best in my opinion.

My hobbies are watching tv, writing, role playing, drawing occasionally, and blogging. I also enjoy doing random experiments. My future looks like I will be either a lawyer, a forensic scientist, or an actress.

This journal will help you and I keep track of my daily life for our entertainment. Join me now for a few journal entries from a forever-alone fangirl.

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