Les Miserables High

Les Miserables turned into a modern story taking place in a high school. From 1990-2014


1. Prologe


Jean ValJean sat at a secluded table in the school library. Detention. Again. Just because he was a younger classmen, that apparently gave the seniors the right to get 14 year old Jean into trouble all the time. They did this by telling the teachers over exagerated stories about him.

Once he dropped his pencil in the hall, and a senior stopped, stabbed a freshmen with it and blamed it on Jean. He got placed in detention again and again and again.

Javert glared at Jean who had been daydreaming at the ceiling, waiting as the minutes ticked by.

"Look down!" The male librarian grunted. Then after a moment added, "Mr.Valjean, did you hear me? Look down!"

Jean lolled his head down, flexing his biceps in frustration. Just don't look him in the eye...Maybe he'll leave me alone.

"Mr.Valjean, if you don't stop sassing me then your going to be here until you die. Understood?"

The final bell rang. Finally. Jean thought. He got up and began to collect his things to go home.

Javert stopped him at the door. "Think of this as your parole Mr.Valjean. I don't want to see you back here."

"I've told you, sir. My name's Jean." The boy informed him.

"And I'm Javert! Don't forget it. I'll be checking up on you, so stay out of trouble this time."

"I'll try, sir. Peace out, man."

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