I thought you were mine

It's the sixth year and Hermione is looking forward to seeing her friends Harry and Ron but she thinks that Ron is a bit more then a friend.Then she finds out that ron has been semeing someone over the summer.Will she get him or will her heart be broken???


2. The burrow

Hermione's pov 



After the car ride and after Molly got me some ice for my head where I hit myself I went up to bed and about a half hour later I couldn't sleep so I decided to get a snack and when I walked past Ron's room I could hear him talking to some one. I knew the voice but I just couldn't think of the persons name so I took out my wand and did a spell that made the door clear and so I could see inside.And just my luck it was Lavender brown snogging Ron. I started to cry so I ran to the kitchen where I saw harry getting some water out of the fridge. Harry would you mind If I asked you a question? You just did.harry. Sure of course. About five minutes ago I walked past Ron's room and I heard someone's voice so I did the charm that allows me to look inside of the room and I saw lavender snogging Ron. So I just wanted to know how long they have been together?" They've together for the whole summer and I've been here so I had to put up With her for two months." I started to cry again." Hermione are you all right " harry asked me.I sat down on the couch with harry and cried on his shoulder and said that I was finally going to tell him that I wanted to be a couple but now that lavender and Ron are dating I have to respect that and just move on. Harry is this how it feels when you see Ginny with someone else? Yes it feels exact ally like this. I think we were a bit too loud because five minutes later Ron came down asking what was wrong. So I stood up wiped my tears away pulled out my wand and said Avis and all of a sudden birds were chasing Ron then hit a wall then I heard lavender ask what happened and Ron  said" I think hermione has gone a bit crazy especially since I was the one who saved her" Ron just go back up to bed .but I'm not tired. I said go to bed." Come on won won I think hermione needs some time to herself" lavender said. When the two of them went back up stairs I started to cry again so I sat back down a put my head on Harry's shoulder and he said exactly like this. 


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