I thought you were mine

It's the sixth year and Hermione is looking forward to seeing her friends Harry and Ron but she thinks that Ron is a bit more then a friend.Then she finds out that ron has been semeing someone over the summer.Will she get him or will her heart be broken???


1. Hermione's house

Hermione's pov 


I was so excited to go back to hogwarts for my sixth year but my parents thought it would be too dangerous because they thought you know who has come back with even more power this time ,but I needed to see Harry and Ron.I finally said that I was going to tell Ron that I think were more then just friends.Of course I was nervous but I realized that if I don't tell him this year or next year then after hogwarts we'll just go in different directions.I know that he has felling's for me but neither one of us had admitted it before.But I think I have probably gaven it away a lot because I mutter things in my sleep about him and how we would be the perfect couple. Is say things like his red hair in the sunlight is like I'm dreaming or I wonder what Charlie will think of me?( because Charlie is the only weasley brother I haven't met)But I knew that Lavendar Brown would say differently about Ron and I . I know that because she'd is always stalking him. She's like a leech. I couldn't wait there was only 2 days left until I went back to hogwarts.I could fell my heart pounding at dinner but on my face there was a frown. My mother said to me " Mione I know that you were looking forward to hogwarts this year and seeing your friends again I get it but it's too risky for your father and I to let you go there when you know who is back with more power than ever." I know but what are two muggles going to do to as many people call me the brightest witch of my generation?? "Hermione I thought that we swore that yOu wouldn't call us muggles" my mother yelled. I'm sorry it's just that there's this guy and I really like him and I was going yo tell him this year and it might be my last shoot." Oh hermione why didn't you tell us that before we could of talked about this and see if the felling's are true" my mother told my in a soulful voice. "The fellings are true I've know that for four years but I've kept it inside of me for those four years hoping that I was just going crazy but I wasn't " I  yelled . Now if you would excuse me I'm going up to my room. When I got up there I heard something outside of my window. I wondered what it could of been. I opened my curtains and I see Ron and harry in a flying car telling me to open the window." Hermione we heard that you're parents wouldn't let you go to hogwarts so Harry and I decided to rescue you and crookshanks" ron told me in his sweet voice then I hit myself to make myself stop thinking about him. After I hit myself ron was so worried he told harry to take the wheel and he jumped out of the car into my room and scouped me up and put me in the car then took the wheel. Harry asked me in a whisper in the back seat why I hit myself so I replied to stop myself from thinking about you know what. Oh.

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