Mine ❤️

Niall and Paris meet at a one direction concert but what happens when niall didn't get her number and soon finds her on YouTube......??


1. I won tickets

"AAAAAAHHHHH! I won tickets to see one direction" I yelled to my friend Eliza. "Oh my gosh I am sooooo happy for you!" "You mean us!" I said

"Oh my gosh you are bring me!" Eliza said fan girling!

"Of course"

"Yay!!! When is it?"

"In one month"

*the day of the concert

So we are in a singing group called one way we just do covers of one direction there are 4 of us! There is me, Eliza, Kenzie, and Heather! The day of the concert we were a block away from the area that the concert will be at and we were doing a cover of Midnight Memories! But this one time there was these wax figures that looked like one direction were we were filming but we thought it was just like advertisement and I got dared to kiss Niall since he is my favourite but once I kissed I thought he kissed me back. But it was probably just me!

When we were leaving something grab me from behind so I started to scream but when I looked behind me I froze because it was NIALL HORAN!! I was freaking out but he kissed me it was amazing!

After we talked a bit he asked if I was going to the concert and I told hi me and Eliza were and he said he was glad! "Ok we have to go get get ready love sorry I will see you later" he said I never told him that I had front row tickets though haha!

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