Where did she came from?

Hello I'm Meiying and I'm from China I became 4 yesterday. my mom died when I was 2 and since then my daddy hurts me and says he wants me gone. He does what he want, he trows me on stage on a concert and then leaves. The boys who are Taking care of me are very Nice. They don't know my daddy hates me and I don't understand them I'm scared Louis wants to bring me back to my daddy.


1. on tour!

(This is Chinese I can't speak it so were pretending)

Meiying's pov

My daddy told me today again that I am stupid and I need to go away so he could get a normal child. It hurts my feelings and I don't like him talking to me like that. When mommy died he started hurting me everywhere. And he kept saying that I'm useless and I need to go away or die. He bought tickets for One Direction thats a band that sings. I don't know why he's Taking me there because he hates me and I need to go because of him. We are now in the car there. We heared a lot of girls screaming and we went to get our tickets checked. They were good. We got in and we were standing on the front. When the concert started it was really loud and everybody was jumping and singing. I didn't even know the words I only heared one song and that was beautiful it goed like oooh ooooh beautifuuuul. I like it very mutch they were playing a song called Happily I liked it it was very good and ik made me happy. As I was listening to the song my daddy grabbed my arm and trew me on stage.

Louis pov

As we were singing Happily a girl who was like 3 or 4 was trown on stage. She was crying, I walked towards her and she tried to get up but I guess her leg hurt to mutch she was trown pretty hard. I picked her up and put her so that she was Sitting on my hip. She wouldent stop crying after this song she'll go back to her parents. Pretty strange taking a 3 year old girl to a concert is one thing but then not watch her and lose her is really not good parenting. Zayn walked towards us and tickeld her but she won't stop crying. She's problably scared, with strange people in front of 50000 people. When we finished the song I said "Has anyone lost their little girl? She's about 3 years old and verry scared! If she's yours please go to the store to pick her up." A security guard came to take her to the store. We finished the concert and it was normal no special or weird things happened.

After the concert (Louis pov)

As we finished the concert we wanted to go to the hotel but then the security guard came to us with the girl who got trown on stage. He only Speaks Chinese and he said "Louis Meiying Meiying Louis." He gave her to me and walked away. At least she's not crying anymore. "So what do You do with her now?" Zayn said. "I'm Taking her tothe hospital You coming?" I said walking towards the door. "Sure" Zayn said following me. We got into our managers car after I put Meiying in the back with her seatbelt on. Zayn sat next to her. When we arrived to the hospital I told them "Hello this is Meiying and she has her leg hurt." Zayn carreed her and they told him to put Meiying on the hospital bed. They checked her leg and it was broken. They put a cast on to and then we could leave again. So Zayn picked her up and we walked to the policy station which was right next to the hospital. "Hello? We found a girl and she has no parents we think." I said to te police officer. "No parents You keep her". He said with no feelings. "Excuse me" Zayn said shocked about what he just heared. "You have kid now bye" he said pointing at the door. We just turned around and went to a store to get her Some pyjama's and clothes for tomorrow. It was 10 in the evening but the stores were open untill 12 in the evening. We got her Some clothes. We went back to the hotel. When I was putting her pyjama's on she had bruises everywhere I think it didn't go so Well at home. But could we just take her on our tour and raise her and stuff. I don't know why not so I think she's not leaving fast. I put her in the bed and went to sleep in the chair.

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