Im His Sister (A Cryaotic Fanfiction)

"Felix I'm your sister"


1. Adopted

"When were we going to tell her Bill?!" My mom shouted

Hiding on the stair way I could here their entire converstation.

"How was I supposed to know?! I was to worried about not letting her find out as a child!" My dad screamed back.

"It's not like she's going to take adoption as a good thing!" she yelled.

I was adopted... They never had told me... My real family never wanted me...

I ran up the stairs as quietly as possible. I grabbed my pre packed bags because I was going to be going on a four month vacation. Just in that moment I decided to never come home. Home, that word stung, my home wasn't here it was where ever I originally came from. I grabbed all of my money from my hidden stash and brought all of my things downstairs.

"thank you for raising me. Even if I it biologically yours. I was on the stairs I herd your entire conversation." I told them. "I love you guys but I'm going to find my biological family and see if I can meet them."

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