the sorting hat!

find out which house you'd be in, which charecter you're most like, you're wand, an animal you might choose, and take some trivia to find out your grade in you're O.W.L.


2. You're Wand

Which are you?

A) Tall for my age

B) Average height

C) Short for my age 

You're personality's

A) Big and loud

B) quiet when it need's to be, but can come out at any moment!

C) Calm and quiet

You're science teacher gives you an extra credit page of homework

A) I'll do it!

B) Only if I had time

C) Ignore it. You don't have time

 If you were lost in the middle of nowhere, you'd go 

A) towards the forest

B) Towards the castle

C) Towards the beach

You're most afraid of

A) Spiders and other creepy animals

B) Heights

C) isolation 

Put in my comments box you're answers, and I'll tel you you're wand!

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