the sorting hat!

find out which house you'd be in, which charecter you're most like, you're wand, an animal you might choose, and take some trivia to find out your grade in you're O.W.L.


1. which house

Which house are you in? 


Your friends describe you as; 

A) Daring

B) Caring

C) Smart

D) Sneaky


You're one goal in school is to

A) make sure that everyone is safe

B) making sure that everybody is taken care of 

C) make top grades

D) ask out the cutest girl/guy in school


 If you had to ware one color for 7 years, you'd ware

A) Red or orenge

B) Yellow or black

C) Blue or black

D) Green (Duh!)


You're grades

A) I care about, but aren't #1 priority

B) Don't matter, but you pay attention to

C) Mean EVERYTHING! If I don't get an A, then it was a bad test!

D) Mean nothing to me


You're dream career is;

A) To help others and protect others in any way I can (like a cop)

B) To make sure that other people feel okay ( like a nurse or a doctor)

C) To do something that requires real smarts! ( like a scientist )

D) Who cares? 


Mostly A's: Gryffendor

Mostly B's: Hufflepuff

Mostly C's: Ravenclaw

Mostly D's: Slytheryn

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