Old Magic

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  • Published: 12 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 2 Mar 2014
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What was the story behind Hogwarts's four founders? What were their lives like, fighting to create a peaceful magical society, and why were they fighting among themselves?


4. Chapter Four


She was standing behind the foot of an oak tree. Peering between the dense leaves, Rowena could just make out the distant silhouettes of the witches and wizards entering the carriages. I must be quick, she thought to herself, so no one can see me. In one swift movement, just as the great wheels slowly began to turn, Rowena leapt out and hoisted herself on the foots spaces in the back of the cart. Rowena didn't want the other villagers to notice her because she never stood in one place too long. She didn't want to draw attention to the fact that there was a 'wild child' roaming a new town each week. For years, she had watched in envy as the other children had rode off in the carriages, and today, her seventeenth birthday, she was going to follow them. As these thoughts vaugely drifted across her mind, the sun began to sink beyond the grassy horizon and twilight began to fall. Isn't this lovely, Rowena thought to herself as the first stars started to blink down at her, like twinkling balls of fire. Rowena had always known she looked at life a different way than everyone else. She loved to admire nature, and always watched the sun set. By the time they reached wherever they were headed, night had really fallen now, and the whispers of the wind howled around her. Rowena didn't mind. She enjoyed the beauty of shadows and darkness. In a good way. Peaking around the carriage at her fellow townspeople, all Rowena saw was a dark, crooked sycamore tree. But all she had to do was look at it to know that it was somehow magical. 

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