Half A Heart

A young girl named Moll is attending high school for the first time. Do you think luck will be on her side?


1. The First Morning

As I approached the large rusty gates, I could feel my heart thumping viciously in my chest. I felt faint and really nervous. What if I didn't fit in? I took one last deep breath and walked down the long pathway leading into the school. When I got to the entrance, a pretty year eleven greeted me with a friendly smile on her face, "Hello, are you a new year seven student here?" I nodded my head nervously and said, "My name is Dannie Smith.." She looked through a pile of papers and handed me the middle one. "This is all the details and information you will need. Your form room is on there, your teacher, timetable and some tips. If you need any help or you get lost, your always welcome to come to me. I'm a prefect here, my name is Leah! If you get too shy or can't find me, always feel free to go to the office. The staff are really friendly here, so don't be worrying, Good-" The bell alarmed. "You must go to your form room! Your going to be late!" She said alarmingly. "Late? I don't know where my form room is!" I whispered. She pointed at the other building, past the carpark. I had to walk all the way there? By myself? I nodded and ran for my life. I didn't want to be late and be humiliated infront of all my new form!

"Hey, wait! Wait up!" A cute irish voice shouted. I turned around and a young blonde boy was behind me panting eager to catch up. "What form are you in? I'm lost, I don't know about you." He said trying to get his breath back. I looked at my paper Leah gave me and scanned for my form. "Oh, found it. My form is Mrs Lerny, N4, Social Religious Studies Room, I think, what about you?" I said, shyly. "Same! We need to get there fast, thirty seconds until the last bell, hurry!" We both ran as fast as we could.


When we arrived to our form, we was just on time. We got put next to eachother! I have to say, I kinda had a crush on him. He's so cute! He sat there looking at me all through registration, and whenever I caught him, he would smile at me with his pearl white teeth. "What's your first lesson?" He said. "Art, with Mr Pondy!" He nodded his head and showed me his timetable. I was in every one of his lessons! Oh my god! I couldn't believe my eyes.And because the seating plans were in the registration order, I'm always going to be next to him in every lesson!

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