Its about katniss


1. mirror

I see myself, not beautiful but descent with my long black braid down my back , blue eyes , and pale pink lips. I look to the top left corner of the mirror and see the photo pinned there. it is of peeta and I before the games, him with his pretty eyes and light brown hair and me of not much interest. I then think of gale and think I how I love them both and  how I am unsure of who I have stronger feelings for. I look into the mirror and see prim walk into the room to grab some medical supplies. she smiles then turns to leave. every time I see her I think of how I volunteered for her at the reaping and every time I wonder how I got this far. I look at my reflection and wonder how a simple girl from district twelve made it this far, and how this all happened to me. why me? I hear my name being called from the kitchen by my mother. before I go I look up into the mirror one last time.

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