joey is special

A normal girl who loves him #1subscriber finds out something about joey that's she's never heard before


1. YouTube

        Hey!Jasmine!??,Tay said.what,let's go one youtube and watch videos!?!??!!

Can't you go and watch videos your self,"Jasmine mutters.Yeah but don't you like joey-before 

Tay could finish her sentence Jasmine jumped up in surprise.She grabs her laptop aggressively

And finds  videos under "joey graceffa" and finds joey's little secrets before she can even look at it ,Tay snatches it and runs into her room.That little brat!! But joey's little secrets? What could joey be keeping a secret about? All day she's been thinking and thinking and thinking about "joey's little secret.


                                                                            *next day*

                                                  Wake up Jasmine,mom said.Jasmine let out this frustrated

 sound.Where's the runt? Your sister, she has been I her room all day.Are you clueless

Mom well that's because she has my laptop “said Jasmine"We'll how come your laptop is on the floor?ohh well time to get out mom. i guess now is to look at joeys little secerts.



    Guys sorry this is so short i kinda didn't know what to right.

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