I like my big bro so I told u but don't tell him or else


1. my song for you

Hi I'm Kyle Horan and I am falling for my bro Niall is that weird

Author note

Should I continue yes or no it's my second book first one is called miss me

Niall's pov

When I woke up I smelt nandoes and I new mom and dad left for there porn practice at 3:30 am so I new kyle my amazing step adopted sister got me some as I walked down stares I saw her look at me and I liked that truth is I I'm in love with her but no one noes not Kyle not Evan my best mates witch reminds me KYLE MY FRIENDS ARE COMING OVER SO LOOK NICE AND CLEAN THE HOUSE WILL U yes I will Kyle shouted LOVE U SIS I shouted back I love u too nialler she said then we both left. .

Louis pov

I man I need to look nice I'm gonna see Kyle she is so perfect I hope she likes me to any how I'll just ware her favorite color blue with a white stripes on it for a shirt my zebra saspenders and some white pants I jelled my hair in a quiff and got in the car

Harry's pov

Kyle is so beautiful but I no she has a crush on Niall I can see it when they talk to each outther when they hug so I'm not Evan gonna try to look nice for them I'll were a blue shirt and some grey converse and black pants then I'll ask to stay over then I'll make my move on her .

Zayns pov

I no I have a gf but when I see Kyle I forget all about perry I just wanna. Have Kyle all to my self I want to call her mine so I'll put on those clothes she got me 3 weeks ago to show her I care bout her style.

Liam pov

OMG OMG IM GONNA SEE KYLE TODAY!!!!! I need to look nice dress nice smell nice man I need a shower . I got. A plan I'll dare Niall to make Kyle ego out with me wait that's a little harsh we'll idk I'll just go with the flow I really like her I CANT BLOW THIS I said to my self u can't blow this Liam.

Kyle pov

I went to my room and got in the shower I washed my hair then rinsed it out when I was done.i curled my hair and put on some make up then I got out some clothes I'm wearing a white and black button up striped shirt with a leather mini skirt with my grey converse I walked down stairs and the house was a mess NIALL GET DOWN HEAR AND CLEAN UP YOUR MESS I JUST CLEANED THIS HOUSE as I finished Niall ran down stairs and cleaned up his xbox and ran to take a shower ugh the boys must be staying longer than I thought

Niall's pov

When I came down stairs I saw him Matthew kyle's boy friend she was sitting on his lap and they were cuddled up I was pissed KYLE !!GET THIS PEICE OF TRASH OUT OF THIS HOUSE !! I felt bad for saying that to her I'm such a dick.

Kyle pov

I HATE YOU NIALL !! U always ruin stuff u can't just exept that I'm dating someone I'm sorry Niall said WELL I DONT CARE IM LEAVING DONT BOTHER TO CALL ME EITHER but Kyle u don't have to go Niall said WELL I AM SO BYE U ..... U PRICK !! After that I left I ran all the way to the park and started crying my eyes out after bout 10 min I saw a man he just kept on coming closer and closer I started to get scared then he grabbed me and took me to a van and duck taped my mouth and tied me up and drove off HOLY SHIT IM BEING KIDNAPPED !! I started praying that Niall would find me or somthing but. After 3 days of being raped and cut I just lost all hope in him

Niall's pov

OMFG OMFG WERE IS KYLE ITS BEEN 3 DAYS just then u got a call saying if I want her to bring 5,00000000,00000,0000, dollar's within 7 hours or she is dead and I new that I waz never gonna get that Mutch money so I just left and I found an old house I went inside and found her she was almost dead.... I ran to the hospital and we had to wait nearly 2 hr till I screamed NURSE MY GIRL FRIEND SHE....SHE IS DYING after that she got rushed to a room and she got 104 stitches and she lost all of her memory witch means all she remembers is when I found her on the street and we kissed and mom and dad will be gone for 3 months so I'll just be her bf lol but I gess the boys need to no bout all this too .

Kyle pov

N= Niall

K= Kyle

N =heyy buttercup how are you

K= I am fine nialler I I I am just sorry

N= it's ok I should have been more nice to you befor but I'll be a better bf ok

K= ok babe I love you

Louis pov

Wtf happend to Kyle NAILL wtf did you do to her "we'll i um don't know" HOW THE HELL DONT YOU KNOW "I just don't NIALL U HURT MY PRINCESS "woah ur princess" SHUT UP YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN "actully I don't" I LIKE HER AND U HURT HER THEN TOLD HER YOU WERE HER BF WHATS GONNA HAPPEN WHEN SHE REMEMBERS UR HER BIG BROTHER HUH NIALL "we'll I never thought it thrue really..."

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