Story of my life

A young teen falls in love with a band member


1. The tickets


"I was awaken by the screaming of my older sis Molly." "What's your problem Molly!" I shouted.

"One Direction tickets just came out." She said excitedly. "Oh my gosh not that stupid boy band your always obsessing about." I said angrily. "Just don't get me one." " Too late." "By the way I paid $60 each so your going." "Oh my gosh I hate you." I said madly. " I love you to sis. Molly said mockingly."Whens the concert." "February 14th." Molly said proudly. "Are you kidding me Febuary 14th is Valentines day I'm not going and you can't make me!""Calm down your going and your gonna like it." "Fine okay what ever." "So I got dressed and walked down for  breakfast." "My mom was there cooking eggs and my dad was reading the news paper." "My mom was the first to say something." "So Vic did you wake up to your sister screaming again." "Yeah." "Let me guess One Direction." "Yep." " Yeah she woke us up too." " So mom what's for breakfast." "Scrambled eggs and buttered toast." "Ok that sounds good to me, but you do know Molly hates eggs." "She does, oh shoot I tried to make something every one likes." Mom said desperately. "Well she likes poptarts good I just bought some." "Yeah she's pretty picky." I laughed. "Ok go get your sister were having a family breakfast." "Ok." "When I got upstairs I saw  Molly  out on her deck talking to someone." "I got closer to see who it was and I saw my ex boyfriend." I thought to myself, why would he be here." Then I saw Molly pull down her shirt and showed her bra just as he started to unzip I yelled,"What the Hell are you doing." Molly looked back and John my ex looked up. "Um Vic it's not what it looks like!" "I SWEAR!" "It's time to eat." I said as calmly as I could. "When I was back down stairs I sat down staring at my plate."

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