My Life

A girl named Alice Payne has to move all the way to Ireland. Her parents got a divorce, and her mom never told her the truth about her family. She finds out that she is related to some that becomes famous...Read to find out


1. Chapter 1

I started unpacking all of my clothes. My mom decided it was a great idea to move out to Ireland for the rest of our lives. Ever since my parents had their divorce, my mom wanted me to stay with her. Mullingar is nothing compared to the busy streets of LA. I miss the warm weather, and all of my friends.

  "Alice! It's time to eat!" My mom yelled.

  "Be right down!" I responded.

  I stopped hanging all of my clothes, and wandered down stairs. I noticed my neighbor across the street was shirtless. It didn't help, that both of our windows are open. My mom prepared a pizza, for the first week in our new home.

  "The very nice neighbor's invited us over tomorrow night for a welcoming party," my mom told me.

  "Okay mom. Can I at least meet the neighbor's first?" I responded.

  "Yeah! Their son offered to show you around town, tomorrow."


  We finished eating, and I got back to work on my clothes. It took me about a half an hour, until I finished. Then I sat down at my desk, and started writing letters to my old friends.

  I looked up, and saw the neighbor's son, was sitting in his room, playing the guitar. He looked over at me, and waved. I waved back, and got back to work.

Dear Lindsay,

  I really miss you! I hope that sometime, you can come here, or I can come back to Cali. Tell my dad, that I miss him.

                                                Love your new step sis,


  One letter down, ten more to go. I pulled out, another sheet of my letter paper. I noticed that, the lights were out in our neighbors house. I looked at the time, and noticed it was nine thirty.

  I turned off my lamp, on my desk, and walked into my closet. I picked out my silk pajamas, my dad got me before I moved. I shut off my light, and went to bed.


  "Beep beep beep!" My alarm screeched.

  I hit snooze, and got up. It was five-thirty in the morning. I got up, and picked out my first day of school clothes. It was the first day, after spring break. I chose a orange sundress, with my cute black sandals.

  "Alice! Are you awake!?" My mom yelled up the stairs.

  "Yes mom!" I responded.

  "Okay! I'll be taking you to school at six-thirty!"

  I looked at the clock, and it read 5:45 am. I walked over to the bathroom, and sat down at the makeup vanity. I did my make up, and plugged in my straightener.

  It took me about ten more minutes to finish my look. I headed down stairs, and made sure everything was in my backpack.

  "Good Morning honey!" My mom said cheerfully.

  "Morning," I responded.

  She set down a plate of pancakes, and turned around to grab the sausages. I started eating them, and looked at the clock. 6:20am, it read. I started eating a little faster.

  "Alice! It's time to go!" My mom yelled up the stairs.

  "Be right down!" I responded.

  "I'll be in the car!"

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