Im in love.


1. I love you

Wow.! It's actually here. My birthday. But my parents are gone and everyone is busy..! I guess I'll go to the part. I went upstairs and took a shower put on fresh clothes and walked to the park. There I seen this really cute guy. He was with 4 of his friends. But out of all 5 of them he caught my eye. He's tall, dark hair, brown eyes, he's tan and has tattoos. They were sitting by the old oak tree laugh having a good time. And then the one who caught my eye walked past me and winked. I went in the bathroom to check my makeup.

I was sitting on the bench and he came and sat down beside me. He asked my name. I said Hey, I'm Nicholee, I'm 15 and how about you he was like Hello I'm Zayn I'm 19. He asked for my number and I gave him my number and then

I left. He texted me later saying you left and there was so much I wanted to say. I sat down on my bed and started crying.

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