1. chapter 1

"This weeks going to be so fun lads" cheered Louis from the front seat

"I can't wait to beat your ass in the soccer match" Niall replied

"You're going down horan"

"Because this is thriller, thriller night"

"Turn it up Louis" yelled Zayn from the back

"Calm down, it's just a song" Louis laughed

Zayn continued to sing as I pulled up at the servo

"Toilet break, yes!" Liam said in delight

"You ok Harry, you've been quiet the whole trip?" Louis asked concerned

"I'm fine Lou, sorry" giving him a peck on the cheek

"I'll be back, toilet" I said rushing after Liam

*beep beep*

From Gem ~

where are you?, mums been calling you, she's worried sick

To Gem ~

I was driving, call mum and tell her I'm fine I've got to go love you x

I slid my phone back into my pocket and made my way into the vacant toilet stall

"Ew, this stinks!" I exclaim

"If you really need to pee, it doesn't bother out much" I heard Liam say

"See you outside"

"Ok mate"

I walked out of the stall and washed my hands

"Danielle, what are you doing here?" I ask

"I was behind you the whole time doofus" she replied with a giggle

"Is Liam going with you then"

"No, I'm not coming with you boys, I'm going to see my parents a little further where your camping"

"I told you that so many times haz" Liam laughs

I frown and make my way back to the car

"NIALL, no eating on my car, didn't you hear my mums rules" I half-shout

Niall laughs and pulls out one more chip before closing the packet and putting it on his pack

"Ok boys, let's hit the road again" Liam yelled

"Quick before dad gets angry" zayn mumbled to Louis

We laughed and hopped back in our seats to make the rest of our 5 hour camping trip

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