This is my first story for images exited lol so all i need is : hair, boy, eyes, plot, like if they are getting married, dating, they kiss and all that mushy stuff girls like ha ha ( I am saying this and I am a girl to lol) so hope ya enjoy and I will try update as soon as I can ;) stay sassy ( like Louis )
Ha get it instead of stay classy sty sassy ha weird ps don't get ya panties in a twist if I spell something wrong like your name or something :)


1. Example: zayn and ella

 Setting: it's prom night and its going good ;) lol outside btws


* sighs* I wish someone would ask me to dance I thought to my self, just then the cutest boy in school walks over to me, I looked behind me just to check if he was going to talk to some one else  but there was no one.

yay he must want to speak to me! 

" hi my name is zayn what's yours?" He asked nervously, him nervous ha not for real

" my name is Ella" said surprised at my confidence.

We walked to the oak tree by the punch table 

"would you like some punch?" He asked 

" I'm alright I don't drink the punch at parties or proms" I said he chuckled

"why not ?" He asked again

" trust me you do NOT want to know!" I replied almost bursting with laughter he smiled at my remark, just then a slow song comes on

" would you like to dance?" He asked hopefully

" I would love to" I said as he took me to away to dance.

 He started to sing the song he had such an amazing voice, I joined in 

i don't want to close my eyes I don't want to fall asleep cause i miss you babe and I don't want to miss a thing

" you have an amazing voice" he smiled 

* it starts to rain*

every one runs inside but we stay slow dancing in the rain zayn looks up at me I look in to I his beautiful brown eyes he notices me looking into his eyes it makes me blush he starts to lean in, closer closer closer untill his soft lips touch mine sparks go flying the fireworks start like actual fireworks go we pull away from each other and smile. 

So this was for me they probs won't be this long but maybe if I am inspired :)

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