Ancient Wars

It is a tale that follows the young roman emperor of the west, his secrets and desire to rule the whole of Rome, centuries later he arrives in Willow Creek, and chaos erupts.




Antonius stared at the flaming fire besides his bed, it was emanating heat, the cold outside was unbearable, winter had arrived. It had been two months since the Battle of Adrianople, the Goths were victorious, and his dear uncle succumbed to his injuries and eventually died, thus making him the ultimate empire of Rome, it had also been two months since his transformation, he was an immortal like his father. Antonius approached the fire, he knelt down stretching his hands into the fire, and he felt nothing, no pain at all, his body was ice cold, people had been telling him he looked pale, especially Teresa, who had been worried. He was no longer human, no heartbeat, no fatigue, the strange thing is that he did not miss being human, humanity had its perks, but it also was a weakness, a weakness that evil could exploit, getting up he went to the balcony, and stared at the sky above, it was pitch black, evil was lurking, he could feel it, they crawl out of their pits to prey amongst the humans, but he was not human, Domitia had informed him that Kore had been pleased with the troops and she had been able to hold off the confrontation with Avilius for a while, knowing Avilius he knew it would not last long before he planned another attack, therefore he had to hasten things and release his father from Tartarus, therefore he needed an army of his own. Antonius was enjoying his morning meal, he could feel her presence behind him, she thought she was going to surprise him but he would beat her to it, swiftly he turned and gave her a passionate kiss, before looking into her deep chocolate brown eyes, her pupils were dilated, her cheeks were crimson red and her heart was racing, she was ravishing. Teresa was surprised, she meant to catch him off guard, she had missed him and had not seen him for a while, but as she stared at him, she no longer felt the longing, she placed her hand on his cheek, he was cold, inhumanely cold, and he still looked pale. “Are you alright, you are cold and you still look pale, have you caught the fever.’’ She asked. Antonius took a deep breath, he wanted to tell her everything but the timing was not right, after the war he would tell her, he hoped that she was not going to hate him. “I am fine love, it’s just the fatigue is getting to me, and the last two months has been unbelievable, the war with the Lentienses is just a fortnight away, there is an uprising in the east but I have sent the Legatus to soothe the tension, that is all, I am not ill.’’ He hated deceiving her, but it was not going to last for long, Teresa sympathized with him, therefore she offered him comfort by wrapping her arms around him, and he sighed in contentment. Antonius was in the chancery overseeing the preparations for the war, when he felt her presence, he had summoned her earlier, “What took you long to arrive.’’ He asked her. Domitia bowed her head, “Apologies Master, I had pressing issues to attend to.’’ She apologized, Antonius nodded in understanding, looking at her she seemed nervous “Do I make you nervous Domitia?’’ he asked. Domitia looked at him, he was no longer the young master she knew but someone else, he had power that he himself could not understand which was dangerous, “No Master, you do not, I feel sorry for keeping you waiting.’’ Antonius rose from his chair and approached her, “I need to know something Domitia, where does your loyalty lie, is it by my father, Kore or by me.’’ He asked. Domitia was taken back by the question, she did not know where her loyalty was, she was just a servant who tended to their needs, therefore she knew her answer, looking at him she answered, “I do not have any allegiances to neither of you Master, I am nothing more but a humble servant.’’ Antonius had a smile on his face, he was pleased by her answer, she was a young woman who had been with him for a while, and he learned about how she became a servant of the underworld, her pathetic excuse of a father offered his daughter’s soul for riches. Antonius caught her hand in his, and looked at her, “I need your allegiance and loyalty Domitia because I want to build an army and I need you by my side.’’ He finished before releasing her hand. Domitia mind was flowing with thoughts, he wanted an army, ‘what for?’ she asked herself. Antonius wanted an army of his own and not his father’s and Kore’s, he needed an army of loyalists, people he could count on. “You have my loyalty and allegiance Master, I will dedicate my life to serve you, but if news travel to Kore that you are building an army, she will see it as an uprising and a rebellion.’’ Antonius knew the circumstances but he loved taking risks, “I understand your grievances Domitia, but I am an immortal and a demi god, I need an army of my own, not an army of dead souls and spirits but an army of immortals, an army which will stand the test of time and come through as champions.’’ Domitia was surprised by the desire in his tone but there was only one spell of immortality which she used to perform on him. “There was only one spell master.’’ Antonius nodded but the benefits of being son of Hades was that he could conjure up spells at ease. “Put your mind at ease Domitia, I have a spell in mind, all I need from you is to prepare it before the war, and news should not reach Kore or anyone Domitia, I need your word on it.’’ Domitia nodded in understanding, “You have my word and loyalty Master, I will take my leave now.’’ She said before vanishing. It was the night before the war, Antonius gathered his troops at his palace, Domitia had laced their wine with an elixir of immortality, all that was remaining was for them to die and rise as immortals. Antonius approached them, “My fellow comrades, I am in this bestowed position because of you, you had faith in me after the death of my beloved and departed father, I now stand in front you as your chosen one, Rome is ours at last, our forefathers built Rome on stability and strength and today that same structure is being threatened by a German tribe, can you believe it my brothers a German tribe is waging war against Rome, the Goths may have won against my uncle but we are nothing like them, tomorrow we will arrive at the battlefield and victory will be ours, raise your glasses brothers for tomorrow we will quench our thirst with German blood!’’ roars were greeted after his speech. This is what Antonius needed, loyalists who would die for him, he and his army would be unstoppable, unlike his father who craved for the underworld, he craved to conquer, he would conquer the whole world, his name would be mentioned in legends and folklore, world domination was awaiting him. He went to his balcony gazing upon the stars, his father Valentinian would be proud of him. He was young when he used to accompany his father to wars, and now here he was ready to embark on a war, there may be casualties but tomorrow a new dawn and era will begin and he will be at the helm of it. Today was the day, Antonius and his troops had arrived at Argentovaria his commanders Naniemus and Mallobaudes were beside him. Antonius entered his chamber at the castra, there he found Domitia, she bowed her head “I wish you success in your conquest Master.’’ She said. Antonius smiled at her, “Gratitude Domitia, but the victory is ours, is there any word from Kore.’’ Domitia sighed, “Kore has been restless, she is trying to release the Master, but Tartarus proves to be a problem, most of her troops are not yet strong.’’ Antonius took a sit, “I will forever be indebted to Kore for providing me with the spell, but I have to cut all ties with her, so do you, from now on Domitia you will dwell no longer at the pits of the underworld but roam on earth, you are my confidant, I need you by my side.’’ Domitia had a smile on her face, she was glad to serve him. “Take your leave, we shall talk more after the war.’’ Domitia nodded before vanishing. Naniemus and Mallobaudes entered the chambers, “Your majesty, the Lentienses are on the offence, it is time.’’ said Naniemus. Antonius stood, “Brothers, let us cast them in Rome’s shadow.’’ The war was over, it was a decisive victory for the Romans, although they suffered a lot of casualties they were victorious, the soldiers were shouting “Alemmanicus Maximus.’’ Antonius raised his fist to the air and shouted “Let this be a lesson to all that Rome can not be threatened, that everyone who even thinks of attacking Rome, they will be swallowed by the shadow of Rome!’’ He was greeted with roars and adulation, but it was not over yet. He beckoned for Naniemus, “How many casualties have we suffered.’’ He asked. Naniemus answered “Five thousand your Imperial Majesty.’’ Antonius nodded, that was all he needed, five thousand troops was a legion, “I want you to bathe and place them under the moon when it reaches its peak, after that clear the castra, and I want to be left alone with them. Naniemus looked at the emperor in surprise but nodded before taking his leave. The moon was about to peak, Antonius stood over his fallen comrades with Domitia by his side. There was a groan and he noticed one of the troops rolling, the moon was at its peak, the soldiers were awakening, Antonius looked over to Domitia she had a smile on her face. “Rise up my children, for tonight you awaken as immortals.’’ Antonius said with a sly smirk on his face.

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