Bella is a 17 year old girl wanting escape from the judgment she constantly receives from her family and friends. She lives in a strict catholic home and the school she goes to isn't much different. But what happens when her parents have had enough of her "rebellious" and "devilish" behaviour and decide to send her to live with her aunt Debrah for a while in the hopes she will return as the sweet innocent girl they use to know.


1. Chapter one

"Isabella, get up now or your going to be late to school!" Mom shouts.

I groan in reply and roll over covering my ears with my pillow and falling back to sleep.

"ISABELLA!!" My mom screams. "I said get up and I meant it, you're going to be late!" She rambles on.

I heard her but didn't bother replying I didn't sleep much last night and had no intentions of getting up to go to school.

"That's it, if you don't get up now I'm coming in and stripping the blankets of" she threatened.

"Okay!, okay! I'm up" I reassured her leaning forward to to prove my case.

"Good, now I'm going to the bathroom and when I get back I expect you to be ready" she informed me.

"Yes mother!" I mumbled rolling my eyes as she walked away.

"And by the way its Bella mom not Isabella" I stated

" It is Isabella on your birth certificate and that's what I named you so it's what I'm going to call you" she argued stomping her foot to prove her point.

"Ugh whatever...bitch" I mumbled quietly so she couldn't hear.

I fully sat up and peered around my room in disgust. Light pink walls with purple curtains covering my window and white furniture. It's not my ideal room but it's what my mom wants, she wants me to be that perfect girly daughter who is proper and elegant. Well I'm not I don't like pink and I don't care about looking perfect. No ones perfect well except for Black Veil Brides. They're my favourite band. I know it may seem odd for me to like them when I grew up in a strict religious house but before we moved here to England we lived in Australia and my best friend Natalie got me obsessed with them, at first I thought they were demonic but Natalie changed that in fact she changed

my whole view on life I just wish she could of changed my mums. Once she found about me listening to them she got pretty angry so she made us move now I go to a really strict catholic school it sucks but hey it's my last year so at least I have something to look forward to.

"Are you ready yet?" My mum asked from down the hallway.

"Almost" I lied quickly scrambling out of bed and getting my school uniform ready.

I walked into the bathroom and stripped naked staring at my ugly scared body. I know it seems cliche that I listen to BVB and cut myself but I'm not doing it for attention and no one even knows. I do it because of my step father, my dad died when I was 2 and three years later my mom married Robert my step dad and when she's not home he hits me and touches me. He's raped me a few times it started when I was 6 but I've never had the guts to tell anyone I'm scared he will do something so for now I keep it secret. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and jumped in the shower washing my hair and body and getting out feeling refreshed. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my fat body.

Once I finished drying myself I got dressed in my hideous school uniform it was a long burgundy pencil skirt and a white blouse with a red tie. Ugly! I just finished my hair as my mom walked in.

"Good girl, now get your bag ready and get down stairs and oh before I forget here's your phone and you know the rules right?" My mum asked

"Yes mum, no giving out my number or using it in appropriately" I stated in annoyance she did this every morning.

"Good, now hurry you have 7 minutes till the bus arrives and I'm not driving you again.

"Yes mom" I groaned packing my bag and walking down stairs.

"What about breakfast?" My mom asked as I was about to open the front door.

"Oh uh I'm not hungry" I lied knowing my stomach was already grumbling but hey I'm already fat I don't need to get any fatter.

"Oh okay are you sure? You haven't been eating lately" my mum questioned.

"Yeah I'm sure I've just been having big lunches at school" I lied again.

"Okay have a good day sweetie, love you" my mum said kissing my forehead.

"Love you too" I replied turning around and walking out the door.

I walked down the path for about 5 mins till I saw the familiar bus stop that I waited at everyday. I got my phone out of my pocket and unlocked it checking the time. It was 7:58 the bus should arrive very soon and as if the bus driver had read my mind the yellow coloured bus pulled up and screeched as it stopped and open the door to let me on. I picked up my school bag and stepped in the bus looking around for a empty seat but alas there was none so I ended up sitting next to some guy with blonde hair who I recognised from my math class the bus ride was awkward and silent so I got out my head phones and went into my secret file and started listening to king for a day by Pierce The Veil.

After what seemed like forever the bus finally pulled up at our massive school and open the door to let everyone off I waited till everyone else of off till I did. But I don't think the guy sitting next to me liked that.

"Hurry up fatty!" He shouted in annoyance.

"Sorry" I said quickly moving out of his way.

"Finally!" He exclaimed. As he got up and ran off the bus.

I quietly out me head down as I exited the bus and walked to my locker. I opened it and got my things out for first period. Which was Music my favourite subject. I loved signing but never really sung in front of anyone I was to shy but I still loved it.

"Welcome class and good morning" Mrs Duchene said welcoming us all in.

"Good morning" we all chimed in return.

I dragged my shoes on the ground all the way to the back of the class in the corner seat and just starred out the window the whole lesson. The rest of he day was just a blur until I got home.

I put my key into the door and jolted the door open to see my mother warning there with an annoyed expression.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!" She shouted in pure anger.

"What do you mean?" I asked confused.


"I'm not!" I whined.

"Isabella school finishes at 2:20 and it's 3:06, now I won't ask again WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" She rambled on.

"Oh yeah sorry mum I forgot I had clean up this afternoon" I started just remembering about it.

"You're a liar!" She screamed

"Mu-" she cut me off by yelling.

"ISABELLA ROSE COSTELLO, you are living under my roof and I demand to know were you have been". She demanded.

"Mum I told you I had clean up" I re stated.

"That's it you're father and I have been talking an-" I cut her off.

"Step father" I stated as she glared at me.

"As I was saying we have been talking and we are sick of this rebellious, demonic behaviour and we think it would be better if you went and stayed with aunt Debrah for the rest of the year maybe she will pull you into line and you will come back as the girl we use to know". she continued.

"Mum, are you kidding me Aunt Debrah you know I dislike her she was always mean to me when I was little, Why are you doing this to me? I don't see how staying back at school to do clean up is 'demonic' or 'rebellious'". I argued trying to change her mind.

"I don't want to here it we have made up our minds now go up stairs and get ready for bed then come down and do your chores and then it's back up stairs to pack you leave tomorrow". She explained.

"But mum" I whined

"I don't want to hear it now do you want dinner or are you full?". She asked

"I'm not hungry and even if I was you would probably poison it" I accused her running upstairs and into my room.

It was 5:09 and everything was done now all I had to do was wait tomorrow I would be leaving England to go to California to live with my Aunty I was scared but happy as well I'd be away from Robert he won't be able to hurt me but what's the point it's not like life will get any better just because of a change of scenery.

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