Best Friends.... (12+)

this story is about Harry, he meets a girl and yeah...inappropriate


1. School

-Valerie's P.O.V.-

i woke up in the morning feeling tired, i woke up when i felt slapping against my face... Typical.. of course it was my friend Perrie, so since u haven't noticed, she's in a band and she's currently dating Zayn Malik from One Direction. I love those boys, maybe i'll meet them someday, who knows... Love Spreads....

-Harry's P.O.V.-

School, today was the day i was going back to school, since the boys encouraged me to go, i mean like i miss school, i guess but i just want to make music not go to school but who knows i might finally find the girl i will fall heads over heels for, but pffft like that'll ever happen. i got out of bed, brushed my teeth, took a shower and wore a white t shirt, a pair of jeans and of course converse, i checked my backpack and left with a goodbye, school her i come...

-in school- -Valerie's P.O.V.-

omg man i was tired i was so tired i didn't even noticed that i bumped into a guy, he had curly hair, cute i thought, green eyes, and ohh those muscular size biceps, oh gosh he was HOOOT. i was snapped out of my thoughts when he said, ''Hi i'm new and i was wondering where i would get my classes at.'' i quickly replied, ''The office.'' and realized that he had a deep british accent, i could tell that guy was a total cutie, wonder where's he from? As he walked by, he had a minty smell, ohh gosh why am i starting to act weird? anyways, i hope hes in the same class as me.


~Author's Note~

so this is what im writing for today please comment and tell me what u think so far :) i might need some ideas so my kik is 1D_22niallhoran fill me with ideas thanks!

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