Ashes of a Broken Heart

Z is a lonely girl. She has moved around her entire life because of her alcoholic father. When Z moves to the small town of Ravensford, Tennessee she meets a bad boy named Scout. What will happen when the two fall for each other? Will they survive loves challenges or will the fall prey to tragedy?


1. The Wake Up Call

Z's POV:

I wake up to the apartment door slamming . I knew right then my dad was home from the little bar down the street. He goes every night. That's where all there rent money went to I think to myself. I look over to my alarm clock, 6:30 am. I realize I have to start getting ready. I'm not the prettiest girl, my black hair falls to my shoulders with my bangs cut to the side. I am kind of chunky and short. I went over to my closet and got out what I was going to wear. My usual style is my black skirt with my chain around it , my fishnet stockings , my black veil brides t shirt ,and my black converse . after I grabbed all theses things I got dressed ,and headed for my dresser. That's were I have all my make-up. I always  wear my make-up really dark, because I like it that way. When I am  done with my make-up I grabbed my black striped gloves, and my books for school. walking down the hall of my apartment  I seen the door and I was headed straight for it ,but my dad stopped me ,and looked at me with his drunk mind and says to me "Go back in there and take that black shit off your eyes before I punch it off you," I look at him and say ,"no I will not ". I tried to walk out but he grabbed me by my throat . I could not breath .As he was choking me ,I felt a vary sharp pain in my right eye . he punched me in the face . It hurts so bad I thought to myself .my dad finally through me down on the ground screaming and yelling at me . saying to himself ," how did I get stuck with a daughter that is so slutty ,stupid and dresses like a freak ". I just gave him this blank stare of hurt and disappointment ,then right when his back was turned I got myself up and ran as fast as I could . though the door ,down the three flights of stares ,and out the door . by the time I was out the door I noticed my dad was chasing me ,but I lost him as I past by the little bar that he always went to  spend our rent money . I finally got  to were I didn't have to run anymore .so I stopped for a minute and lit me a cigarette . I didn't smoke all the time just some times for stress .by the time I got to school I was done smoking . I hated this school so much . school is like a prison to me ,and every school I have went to was the same . there was something different about this school though, it did look like a prison ,like a real prison .  I had already registered for this school two weeks ago, so I already new my schedule and I already had my locker . I went straight for my locker .             when I got  there and got my locker unlocked . I noticed  theses three girls who looked like preps . there names were Samantha , kale, and savannah . were looking at me and I knew they were talking about me but I just let them ,because I am so used to this kind of shit .they walked over to me and the first girl Samantha asked me a question I have never been asked before ." why are you still alive , you are so ugly". she told me . I just felt my sadness grow deeper than it has ever been . why was I alive I thought to myself . I never answered them ,but they kept going .  the third girl savannah looked at me with disgust ." what's your name "? savannah asked me .I didn't want to answer but I did anyway . my name is z short for zena . kale just looked at me and said with a rude attitude ," z, what the hell kind of name   is z .I just walked away staring at the tiles in the floor of the school .                                     I finally made it to my class room . I always try to get a back seat in the class so I don't get noticed . lucky for  me there was a back seat . so I walked over to it and lay my books down ,and take a seat . I never noticed him until now . there was this guy sitting two seats across from me . he had dark brown hair ,and his hair went down to his chin ,he always kept his hair to the side because he liked it that way I guess . he noticed me looking at him . he stood up and walked over . he has blue eyes ,and he is tall . I seen he was wearing a leather jacket .he looked at me and said ,"hey I am scout , what might your name be ". he gave me a smile . I smiled and kind of blushed. I  told him what he wanted to know ." my name is z short for zena . I know my name is stupid ,but that's my name" . I said it in a shy like way because I was vary ashamed of what those girls said to me . scout just looked at me and said " that is not a stupid name ,that is a beautiful name .zena " he said my name with a smile . how I wish other people would look at me like that . "maybe we can hangout together sometime "? he asked me  ." sure" I said . "that would be great ". scout smiled and me ." ok .he said to me ."well it was nice meeting you zena".  I gave him a smile and said ." it was nice meeting you to ".                        the teacher walked "ok guys its time to start". the teacher did not notice me . that's just what I wanted . I liked starting a new school like this ,sitting in the back never getting noticed . but right when I started getting comfortable Samantha the girl from earlier noticed me in the back. "Mrs.. lorry I believe we have a new student here with use today" . "yes I believe you are right Samantha ". Mrs. lorry looked directly at me and asked if I would come up, so I did . I stood in front of Mrs. lorry's desk ,and introduced myself ." Hello my name is z short for zena " Samantha and her little cult started whispering and laughing at me . Mrs. lorry looked at me and looked back at the other students . "ok then ,well we are happy to have you here z". "well some of us are ". Samantha said to me in a smart ass tone . I started walking back to my seat but I didn't notice Samantha's foot was out ,and I tripped . everyone even she started laughing . the only on that was not was scout . I picked myself up off the floor ,and walked to my desk . vary embarrassed I put my head down . it felt like I was going to cry but I held it in . even though I should not be used to getting picked on I am . I had to deal with the same shit at my old school ;the only difference was this school was smaller than my old school .                the bell ringed and I practically ran for the door .scout followed me and grabbed my arm . I jumped ,and said you scared me . he looked at me with his blue apologetic eyes and said " I'm sorry ,but I had to make sure you were ok ." I'm sorry for the way Samantha and her little crew treated you ." they were just being themselves no big deal ." "no it is a big deal zena they have no right to treat you that way ." I asked him" why he cared so much"? "because your such a nice girl and I hate to see you get treated like this ".         I have never had someone tell me that before . my eyes began to fill up with tears , I couldn't cry ,not in front of him anyway . I just smiled at him and said "thank you". your welcome he said "I have to get to class now I will talk to you later zena ". ok I told him.I realized that I had to get to class to ,so we went our separate ways .                                            the day went by so fast to me . it was like nothing . everyone headed to there locker . I went to mine also and got all of my books that I needed for homework. then I left the school . I always walk home because for one I don't have a car and for two my dad is always to drunk to take me . I walk four blocks everyday from my apartment to the school.  when I got home I made sure my dad was not home . my dad was always an asshole to me . he was never nice to me . I walked to the bathroom ,and I looked at myself in the mirror . my eye was starting to bruise from this mornings fight with my dad .I have lost all respect for him .



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