A Dream Come True

there is this girl named acacia and she was abused by her step dad named Zack and she ran away and you wont believe who she ran into and what happens read to find out more :)


16. Night out

Nialls P.O.V
When Acacia walked down the stairs she looked so beautiful she was like one of thos cheesy sayings like did you fall from heaven becuse you are so beautiful or something like that but anyway...... i want to take Acacia to the really fancy restraunt a couple bloxs down the street but she asked me where we are going and i couldnt say nothing because she took my breath away because she looks so perfect standing (5sos song lyrics) that i couldnt say nothing but finally we left and we got into the car.
" hey u never told me where we are going"
" u yeah right sorry i couldnt tell you because you took my breath away"
" i dont look that cute"
" yes you are beautiful right know"
" thanks" she said blushing
" well we are going to a restruant a couple bloxs away from here"
" and is it really this fancey that i had to dress like this?"
" yes it is"
as we pulled up in a parking spot i got out and walked over to her side of the car and helped her out and her hands we intertwined with mine and we walked in and they guy asked for our reservation so i told him my name and he vrought us to the dinning area and then we started to look at what there was and then the waitor cam back and said
" can i get you anything to drink?"
"yes i want a pepsi"
"okay and for you mam?"
"i will have the same"
" are you ready to order?"
"umm no not yet give us like another 10 min please"
"what do you want Acacia?"
" um i think i will have the patatos with a little salad and a small stake"
" wow you are just like me you love food as much as i do"
" shutup! what are u planing on getting mister" she said laughing
" i am going to have the patatos and a small thing of ribs, and some french fries"
" okay i wouldnt be complaning then because we are having almost the same things""
 then the waitor came and took our order and said it would be ready in about 10 to 15 min and so me and Acacia started to talk about getting married in Paris in a couple of days and then we are going to stay in the homeymoon a lottle longer then we wanted to and then she brought up this question and it was when fo you want to have kids Ni? and i really didnt know but i wanted to start a family soon so i told her soon and i want to have 2 kids then she told me she wants a boy first and then a girl so if the girl has problums her brother can stick up for her and i agreed because i dont want my other little princess getting hurt.
Acacias P.O.V
when me and Ni were talking about out our family and how many kids we wanted i told him and he agreed because he dosent want his other princess getting hurt then i looked at the tv behind Niall and the news was on and it was the braking news and it said that someone excaped prison and yelled i will get this bitch! then they said the persons name and it was Zach and i started to cry and worrie because he is coming to look for me and the pap has got me and Niall kissing in the magazine and has a adress in small letters and that means he could find me and i got really scared.

Nialls P.O.V
I looked up to see Acacia crying and she was looking at the tv so i turned around and there was a man on tv
" whats wong babe?"
" the man on tv"
" who is that man on tv?"
" it is my dad Zack and he excaped prison and they said he yelled i am going to get that bitch and he is coming to me and the pap have picks of us in the magazine and in little small letters at the bottom it says our adress and i dont want him to find me or hurt the other lads"
" no one is going to hurt us excpessialy (idk how to spell that) you because me and the boys love you and in order for him to get to you they have to go through me and the lads"
" but they dont know what he looks like"
" that dosent matter"
" yes it does because how are you going to protect me?"
" i dont know it wont happen trust me"
" can we go now plz"
" okay lets go"
when we went back to the house she went into our room and said she wanted to be left alone but i didnt let that happen because she needs someone right know so i went in there and she was crying her eyes out so i went over there and layed down next to her and we cuddled and she cried her self to sleep but i tried to tell her everything is going to be okay but she did know for shure

Acacias P.O.V
I woke up and my eyes hurt so bad but i had to get ready then i called the boys and liam answered
A- acacia L- Liam

A- we are coming home today

L- why you just got there last night was you first night?

A- I will tell you when we get there i said crying

L- why are you crying? is everything okay?

A- well no but i will tell you when we get home tell the other boys okay

L- okay

A- bye liam see you soon

L- okay

i started to get ready and pack our stuff then niall woke up and came and huged me then i started to cry more and he told me everything is going to be okay then he asked me why i was packing our stuff
" i am packing our stuff becaouse we are leaving so we can tell the boys and so you guys can keep me safe"
" okay i will call the lads"
" no dont i already called them and told then that we are coming home today and we will be there tonight"
" okay well let me help then"
I went to go clean out my closet and then i asked Ni what this thing was that was all wraped up in birthday wraping
" Ni what is this?"
" O that is what i wanted to give you tonight for you birthday"
" but i thought oyou already gave me my preasent?"
" i didn but there is more and that is the rest of it"
" you didnt have to get me another thing"
" yes i did"
" well then can i open it?"
" yeah open it"
" okay" i started to open it and i didnt belive it, it was 5sos vip concert tickets! and ther was 8 of them
" OMG thank you babe"
" welcome"
" why did you get 8 why couldnt you just got 2"
" because i got them for me, you, harry, louis, zayn, liam, kaylie, and karisa
" awww thanks i love you so much"
" i love you to o Acacia who is your fav member?"
" Luke Hemmings why?"
" just wondering" he said with a smirk
" okay"
" o and who is kaylie and karisas fav"
" Kaylies is Ashton and karisa is Calum"
" okay thanks for the info"
" welcome?" i said with a question"
" o and who is their fav 1D member?"
" Kaylies is Zayns and Karisas is Louis"
" okay thanks to"
i thought to my self wondering what he was planning on doing and then i hurd something on the news about Zach and of cours that runined the moment i was hust getting happy.

A/N: so do you think that Zach is going to find Acacia? if he does do you think that the boys will keep her protected or get hurt by protected her? well I will give you a clue one of the boys get hurt and why do you think Niall wanted to know who her fav 5sos member was and who kaylie and Karisas fav 5sos and 1D member? well it will say in the next chapter and if you comment on what you think is going to happen I will post the chapter sooner and at the end of the chapter I will sat who was right and who was the closets to the right answer :) love u guys

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