William is an 18 year old country boy who finds himself in the city under his mother, a very wealthy business women, request. After taking a long buss trip to the big city what will he find? What will happen?


1. Chapter to be named later

The chapters of life is never numbered.  It's never titled indicating what you will see on that day, month, or year.  However, your story can be swayed easily by your emotions.  Your heart and mind can be the greatest defense you have, and also be the greatest weapon against you.  In some ways the mind can be mysterious.  It's, in a way, the most powerful part of the body and yet it can be as weak as grass.  Your memory is like the fluff from a feather.  If you where to try to see through it, it would be foggy and dull.  However, you can also see the memory clear as day by the lightness of the fluff.


If you read through the lines and hints you can foresee the secrets your chapters hold.

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