I loved her first


1. first and last breath.


PUSH ARIA PUSH. my beautiful wife having our first child. SHE CROWNING. I hear the doctor say. I'm about to be the father of a baby girl. SHE OUT. I hear the doctor shout. What's her name sir, he asked. Lilla . Before he could say another word he look at aria and said put her on air. I knew from that my beautiful wife was in trouble. I could not believe what was happening. He told me to wait in the waiting room. 2 hours pass he finally comes out with a frown on his face. Is she ok is Aria ok. He looked up at me a frowned. I'm sorry sir but your wife just pasted. Before I knew it tears start to run down my face. Not knowing what else to say I ask about my Ariana. She perfect and heathy. Before he told I can go back and see her I ask. How...how did Aria die. A lot of blood came out and her body was not ready for that. I could see that he did not to talk about. So I go back and see my baby girl. I never thought I would be doing thus alone. But I knew I was going to keep this child. Make her he a great life. I was going to make sure of it.

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