The Zombie Apocalyspe

Rosie Lockett was a regular teenager until some dead people decide to come back and eat them. She is on the run with her little sister,Annie. But what happens when she runs into a certain boyband who is also running for their lives. Will she have to move on,or will she run with them. Will they be enemies or will they fall in love. Will old lovers reunite or be torn a part once again.


4. Old Lovers

Annie's POV

We walked down a small road that led off from the main road looking for a good entrance to a underground sewer. Personally I didn't like the whole idea of going underground into sewer. Sewers were disgusting but if we just waltz down the road the zombies would've gotten us before we got to them. And I wanted to get out of here. Soon we came to complete stop. I looked down. There was a manhole cover up right at our feet."So how are we going to open the up," I asked. Rosie took out a crowbar. In no time it was open."Wait," someone behind us yelled. There about 5 pairs of feet running towards us. I turned around. I gasped. It was One Direction. I was a huge fan of them.

"Can we come with you guys or,um, girls," the one with a kind of a buzz cut,Liam, asked. I nodded while Rosie eyed them supiously. "Come on them," Rosie said with no emotion. I hit her upside the head."Ow,what was that for," she complained  I shrugged. Once we were down in the sewer I wrapped my jacket around my shoulders. We turned corner after corner looking for the ladder that led up to the hospital."So do you girls have any family," the one with a mass a curly hair asked  Rosie pretend as if she didn't hear him. That's what she always did when somebody brought up the subject. I shook my head 'no'."Oh" was all he said."Sorry," he apologized."It's okay you didn't know," Rosie kept her silence. 

"So what are your names," the Irish one asked."I'm Annie and that is Rosie," they nodded."I'm Louis," the one with an light blue eyes stuck his hand out towards Rosie."Save your breathe,I already know," she was clearly on her period."Rosie stop acting like such an ass," I said. That ticked her off. You could see by the way her shoulders tensed."I wouldn't be if you didn't invite some random guys,they could be bitten already," she shouted turning towards me."I know for a fact that's not the reason you pissed off Rosie, I've known you for 18 years,now tell me why your so angry at them." she turned around going into her little silence before pointing towards the one standing next to me. Zayn. He looked nervous and guilty."What," I asked. She didn't say another word. Zayn's friends,Liam,Niall,Louis, and Harry,looked as confused as me.

"Would either of you two mind telling us what happened," Liam asked,obviously concerned."We dated and broke up that's," Zayn wasn't telling the whole story from the reaction we got from Rosie."Oh,no, we did not just break up you went out and cheated on me with the slut your dating know," (no hate intended on Perrie)  Rosie shouted."Perrie is not a slut," Zayn shouted back."That perfectly explains why she goes out with every man who ever lived," Rosie was steamed up. No,she was pissed off. Zayn didn't say anything after her comment. I was guessing he knew that was the truth. Rosie reduced back into her silence. In matter of fact we all follow suit.

Soon there was the sound running and groaning. My eyes widen as I turned around. A huge wave of zombies were running towards us."Shit," Rosie mumbled and took out her crowbar as I took out my pistol. The guys took out bats,knives,and long metal pipes. We fought side by side. There was a ear piercing scream. I turned towards the scream. I was frozen in shock. I didn't know what to do. But all I knew was. She was dead.


Once again I must state. No hate intended on Perrie. I love Little Mix just as much as I love One Direction.

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