The Zombie Apocalyspe

Rosie Lockett was a regular teenager until some dead people decide to come back and eat them. She is on the run with her little sister,Annie. But what happens when she runs into a certain boyband who is also running for their lives. Will she have to move on,or will she run with them. Will they be enemies or will they fall in love. Will old lovers reunite or be torn a part once again.


3. Mercy Hospital

Rosie's POV

Once we got to the storage were house we got our bags and walked in. It really wasn't anything I hadn't seen before. Just a small on room place. It was orange, the paint was peeling off. There used to be a bunch the like this one but they tore it down for firewood during the horrible snow storm. Which had temperatures blow 0. I was only 7 when it happened. Annie and I had to scrounge for food and wood at the time. Our mom was deathly ill.


"Mom will you be okay," Annie asked before we left the house."Yes,now go before it starts snowing again," my mom croaked out. We nodded and raced out the door. We went to a homeless shelter were they new our mom. They gave us food and medication. We ran all the home."Mom we're home," I shouted coming through the door. No reply. I frowned. I walked to my mom's room."Mom?" I touched my mother's hand. It was ice cold. Her chest lay completely still. Tears urged to come. "Rosie," my sister question as she came through the door. Tears streamed down my face as I ran to my sister."What's-" she stopped when she saw our mom laying ever so  peacefully on her bed."It'll be okay," she only sounded as if she were trying to convince herself. She broke down as soon as she said that. We sobbed into each others' arms knowing we would never see or hear our mom again.

End flashback

The memory brought tears to my eyes. I quickly wiped them away. We walked in to the warehouse. It was quite small. for a storage place. The floor was bare except boards in one corner. Shelves decorated the walls. A few windows here and there. We were going to have to boards those soon. 

"Rosie," Annie snapped me out of my train of thought."Yeah," I asked turning towards her."Look," she pointed outside. A helicopter flew through the sky."All survivors please evacuate immediately to Mercy Hospital," a person from the helicopter announced."Go to the hospital," I nodded. We got in the. I turned the key. It didn't start. I turned in again. It still didn't start. I repeated this process until finally knowing it wouldn't start."Damn," I mumbled."Well the car isn't starting so guess we go by foot," I told Annie opening the door."We can't just go in the street,walkers will be everywhere," Annie protested."I know,that's why we are going underground," she gave me a confused look."Sewers," she gagged in response. She got out and followed me.


Ero guys thank you so much for reading this.Using Mercy Hospital from a game Left 4 Dead. It is a good game. And sorry for the short chapter. Will be longer ones.

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