welcome to my life

this is a story about my life my friends my family just me


1. a little bit about my self

hey guys so alot of people are reading my stories and its amazing but now im going to explain who i am and what i have dealt with. my name is Taaleasha Anne newton i am 15 turning 16 in may and i have a pretty decent life but somethings have happened to me and i just want to share my story and encourage people to do the same. my best friends are Keelan, jayden, trent, sarah, darcie, lanii, loren, nathaniel, kaj, issie, lachlan, cheyenne and shannon then i have a lot of friends. my boyfriend is Richard Boyes and my second family are madison, renata, holly P, emily, jason, andy, madison, liteesha, holly B, willow, caleb, brielle, anna, renae, corey.


i am the oldest of 3 and have a older half sister, my parents are still together i grew up in brisbane but moved to cairns in 2009.

i guess thats enough for now 

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